Pollen Tea Room

Very occasionally you enter a space which is otherworldly.
The Pollen Tea Room is one of them. You feel a bit healthier and a lot more grounded walking in to this wholesome café, anticipating the seasonal, local, and wherever possible, organic produce.
There’s nothing pretentious here in this tiny cafe, just timber finishes and youthful enthusiasm.
Seating is limited and hotly contested. Inside are just a few tables for two and the central shared table for eight or ten. In shops as a kid, I was told to put my hands by my side and not swing. Advice I recount to myself as an adult. It’s not claustrophobic but it’s tight enough that I felt nervous managing my coat and bag, camera and notebook in this calm space.
Lovely Cathy is graceful and just slides into her seat, harming nothing and no one. I think that it might be time to reinvigorate my mindfulness practice.
The Pollen Room source organic teas and artisan teaware and you will find their tea on menus around the city. There are teas for balance and energy, for cleansing and healing. There are herbal teas and tea to help you sleep. There are three choices of mint tea.
As a coffee drinker who had left my hippy days in the far distant past, I wondered briefly if I’d chosen the right café to bring the Lovely Cathy to. But then I remembered the Pollen Tea Room recommendations after our blog post praising avocado on toast.
We perused the menu and figured these guys were partial to the avocado too.
We ate avocado:
Pollen Eggs, two baked eggs, crushed avocado, cumin, fresh herbs and toasted sourdough, $14.5.
Green Eggs, two baked eggs, organic greens, cashew, avocado pesto, feta, fresh herbs and toasted sourdough, $15.5.
We drank the cold press juice special and I also drank my obligatory soy latte which was good coffee.
This food doesn’t yell at you. There are no big bold flavours here. The meals we chose were simple, fresh and clean. Made with love and integrity, homely and sustaining.
There’s nothing wrong with that.
Find out more about the Pollen Tea Room here.
Find the Pollen Tea Room at 56 Hampden Road, Battery Point. Call them on 6224 8000.
They’re open Friday, Monday and Tuesday, 7.30 am – 3pm and Saturday and Sunday,
8 am – 3 pm.
Here’s our post, For the Love of Avocado.


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