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Driving through Moonah This Girls eye was caught by the black and bright orange exterior. Something was happening where the old fish and chip shop was – was it another cafe?

Who is Retro Phil?

A few weeks later and all is revealed – Retro Phils is a place for pre-loved furniture and odds and ends to find love again!
Phil restores a lot of the stuff himself, plus pieces he’s selling for other artisits – like the moveable round table, made out of recycled timber, the surround to an old stadium light and recycled metal – if you had the space for it in your back yard or your deck it would make an amazing talking piece.
Retro Phil has some beautiful old black and white televisions, these ones not working so for decoration only – but he also has some in his Hobart market that work, you can even hook a dvd player up to them!
This Girl is totally in love with a few of his record players that are not just great to play all those old 45s but that are a beautiful statement piece of furniture – the plan is to one day own one of these.

For the time being – I was content to puchase some old 45s – two being a blast from my past – New Kids on the Block and the Footloose soundtrack – I cannot explain to you the joy hearing this music brings to me – back to a simpler time, back when I didn’t realise that life as a kid really was all that!

This Girl also was happy with her find of a pie bird – I remember my Nan using one of these when she baked and I had been searching for one for a long time – you can buy new ones but this one has a history, this one was, in my mind, loving used often by a country woman, to bring delicious food to the family table. I plan to continue on that tradition with my baking.
Retro Phil has some beautiful pieces of restored furniture, he has chosen some beautiful modern fabric with a retro twist that are just waiting for the right loungeroom to make  them at home.
There are many thing to explore at Retro Phil’s in Moonah, but that isn’t where it ends – Retro Phil is also in Hobart – making their home within the two floors of the Antiques Market. This girl had seen the signs but never ventured it – until now.  I can imagine this will be a place that myself and Devotee will spend time on the weekend exploring, the floors are filled with furniture, records and bits and pieces that have so much history to them.
You could write a story for every piece in there and I love that this place exists, I love that something that meant so much to someone that may not be around anymore can find a new place in this modern world and be loved again.
Retro Phil, 48 Main Road, Moonah and 64 Warwick Street, Hobart (Antiques Market)
Find them on Facebook here
Here is a recent post on LeAnn’s Unique Gift Boutique, another local Moonah shop that re-invents old furniture.

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