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This Girl is normally a fan of a good Tassie winter. The smell of Eucalypts after fresh rain, the mysterious Bridgewater Jerry creeping through the northern suburbs, and the sound of rain on my roof.
The downside to all that wintery goodness is drying washing, especially the weekly chore of the towels and bedding.
During winter I become a regular user of Laundromats. They are a great service, but for me, it makes this chore all the more time consuming; waiting around for clothes to dry.
Now it seems that not all Laundromats were created equal. I went to La La’s Laundry in New Town in their first week. I met Peter who with his wife Sasha, is running a Laundromat with a difference, from the ones I use at least!
La La’s Laundry has the regular ‘do it yourself’ option. It costs $5 per load in a regular machine and $8 a load in a large washer that takes up to 18kg of clothing! Their dryers cost $1 for 6 minutes.
La La’s Laundry also offers a ‘service wash’ option. You can drop your dirty laundry into them and they wash and dry it for you – ready for you to pick up and take home. This Girl is very excited about this option – to be able to drop off my towels and bedding will be a blessing that I am willing to pay someone else for!  A normal load costs $15 and the large load costs $20.
The other great thing is, that with someone always on site, you can leave your laundry while it washes or dries and you know it is safe. Peter even transferred my washing to the dryers when I wasn’t back in time and helped me fold my clothes (it was only towels and bedding remember!). It is service like that, that makes me want to go back.
Plus there is plenty of parking and always someone to change your notes into coins – no more raiding the piggy bank or having to grovel at nearby shops for change. They have a kids corner to keep little ones entertained and a comfy couch so you can sit and wait if you want, plus two large tables where you can fold your washing.
Peter tells me there is a coffee shop going in the adjacent space soon. It sounds like the perfect recipe.
Find them at 156 New Town Road, New Town.
They’re opened 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm Saturday and 10am to 4pm Sunday.While you’re waiting for the coffee shop to open, here are a couple of our blogs on some of the best coffee places: Hobart hole-in-the-wall cafes and 5 off-the-CBD circuit coffees

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