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Waffles have been around for centuries, surprisingly they’ve only hit Hobart’s food van scene since February.
This Girl discovered Waffle On Cafe in Dark Mofo’s Dark Park and then read review after rave review on the Facebook page, Eating out in Tassie.
I’d just finished two tacos and there was no room in the inn for waffles but I managed to demolish their second last chocolate brownie in 30 seconds flat. And then their last chocolate
brownie a few minutes later. Consistently moist and evenly cooked with a light crisp skin. I wanted more.
The Two Girls tracked down the Waffle On Cafe at the Sorell Market last Sunday. This Girl chose the lemon curd cream with toasted marshmallows, raspberry coulis and vanilla icecream, $10,
and narrowly avoided passing out in a sugar-induced coma. I love love LOVE marshmallow so this one was the perfect choice for me. But my recommendation comes with a warning – the committed sweet-tooth only need apply.
The Other Girl chose the apple, rhubarb, macadamia crumble with toffee apple sauce, whipped cream and icecream, also $10. This option is a little more circumspect; a delicious and perhaps more adult, sweet breakfast or dessert. It balances the sweet components with the tart fruit beautifully.
The Other Girl was wrapped. A savoury breakfast person, she has never been up front and personal with a waffle before now. The Waffle On Café waffle is an irresistible combination of soft, fluffy centre and crispy crunch. Teamed with their imaginative toppings and artistic flair, these waffles are an absolute treat. They’re giants too which make them really good value.
Waffle On Café is a small family business. Owners Belinda, Daniel and Michelle could see a gap in the market for fabulous and versatile waffles. Chef, Daniel Johnstone, is fully qualified and has worked at a range of high quality restaurants in Hobart and Melbourne including Amulet and the Islington Hotel in Hobart and Pure South and Church Street Enoteca in Melbourne. Belinda Chambers has worked in the hospitality and gaming industry for around 9 years. Michele Johnstone, Daniel’s mother, is a qualified social worker and is new to the food industry. Daniel’s younger
brother Alex is not a partner in the business but regularly works with us and has around 8 years experience in hospitality and hotel management, he makes an excellent coffee too!
Their biggest sellers at Dark Park were the poached pear, vanilla bean custard cream with salted caramel sauce; the bacon, caramelised banana with whipped ricotta and maple syrup; and also the apple and rhubarb and macadamia crumble. Their waffles are priced at $8, $10 or $12 depending on the toppings.
They have coffee and other hot drinks, milkshakes, spiders and soft drinks. Hot drinks start at $3 for tea, and coffees and hot chocolates are between $4 and $5. Milkshakes and spiders are $5. They sell the aforementioned awesome and gluten-free brownie, along with biscuits and muffins for $3 – $4. At some events they also sell gourmet sandwiches and salads which range from $7 – $10. They use Tasmanian-owned Valhalla icecream which you’ll find on the waffles and in the shakes and spiders.
Photo courtesy of Waffle on Cafe Facebook
Belinda, Daniel and Michele are Hobart-lovers. They love Hobart’s beautiful scenery, the friendliness of the people and that Hobart has most of the advantages of a big city without the hustle and bustle. They love that you can be anywhere in Hobart and never be more than 10 minutes from the beach and The Two Girls agree.
They are keen coffee drinkers and their favourite place to grab an excellent coffee is the Retro Fudge Cafe Bar in Bellerive or Pilgrim when they are in the city.
Keep up to date with their locations on Facebook here.
Sunday, 19 July 2015 will be their next stall at the Sorell Market where they will be every fortnight onwards. Sorell Market is held at 47 Cole Street. If you’re coming from Hobart, go all the way into Sorell and turn left at the T-intersection. You’ll see the signs.
From October you can find them at the Dodges Ferry Market every third Sunday. They’re keen to get into the Twilight Market in Sandy Bay too. So keep your eyes out for them.
Waffle On Café is delicious.
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We need to go check out Retro Fudge Café Bar clearly!

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  1. Good on ya Johnnos!!! Waffle on and on. Tassie loves you as does the mainland. So much so, there is now a waffle cafe on Swanston Street in Melbourne. Rock on you trendsetters! Same same but different. Much love, Ché

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