Are cheap eats a thing of the past?

Cheap Eats in Hobart

Are cheap eats a thing of the past?

Last week, Gourmet Traveller ‘2016 Australian Restaurant Guide’ was out, and The Two Girls celebrated Tasmanian restaurants lauded on the national stage.
They gave us their list of ‘Best cheap eats’ too. FYI it included:


This list of breakfast, lunch and snacks got The Two Girls to thinking.

What is a cheap eat?
And more importantly, where are they?

Thanks to a Uni assignment, there’s now a Facebook page that will help you eat out on shoestring, helpfully called Cheap Eats Hobart. This Girl is inspired by its initiative but a scroll through its posts shows Hobart’s cheap eats are limited to takeaway, or at best, eat your takeaway in.

The Two Girls asked around. What is this thing they call cheap eats?
Expectations were generally low: not paying extra for soy milk and anything from a food van came up. There was also a view that cheap is what you pay for, a dollar amount only. Value on the other hand, is where the quality exceeds the price.
It seemed GT was trying to locate a place on the compass in between but cheap, good value dining out options seem few and far between. Maybe our definition of cheap and the real world are worlds apart?If cheap eats are a thing of the past, eating out will be something only some people can do some of the time. Paying for quality is a privilege but surely it should be possible to get a wholesome meal without breaking the bank?

The Two Girls want to explore what Hobart has to offer for dinner for $20 or less, excluding drinks, and where dining out has some restaurant aspects like for argument’s sake, the entire menu is
not from a bain marie.

The Two Girls are on the hunt for a cheap value eat where:
  • the meals tick the boxes: filling, tasty and the plating up is aesthetically pleasing
  • the main is served with some ethics, like free-range chicken, eggs and pork, and local produce and
  • there’s a modicum of comfort: you can sit down, alcohol is available or you can BYO, and the service is affable.
If there’s somewhere you think we should blog about, let us know.
Watch for our future Cheap Eats posts.
What’s your cheap eats tip?


Here’s our post on Gourmet Traveller, And the Winner is…. 

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