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This city has never been so alive.
In the space of a week, another bar has opened its doors in Hobart. This one is Society in Salamanca. It has taken residency in the former cider bar, a short-lived establishment on Montpelier Retreat. Now it’s a light, open bar that welcomes everyone.
In search of one final quiet vino before we all headed our separate ways on Friday night, a couple of new(-ish) couples, found ourselves part of a new society.

Society is an open plan bar. You survey the environment before descending the half dozen stairs down to the seating. The bar on the back wall is lined from its little toes to the tip of its head with beautiful top shelf bottles.


There’s a wine and beer list that we’re told will continue to change and a cocktail list.
We met a very lovely young bar attendant called Fiona and the mixologist, operations manager AND director, Angela Nichols.
Three out of four of us elected the vino, but faced with a cocktail list, This Girl chose a margarita on the rocks. And a damn fine margarita it was too, gold tequila and the right balance of sweet and sour for this palate.
Totes amaze-balls, you can buy a glass of Tasmanian wine at Salamanca for, drum roll, less than $10! The margarita was $18 and is accompanied by a list of peers like the sloe fizz, martini, dark and stormy and a gin sting for the same price.
There’s a menu appropriate to drinking available too: oysters, pizza, cheese, charcuterie.
Society’s design is not conducive to sweet nothings. But it’s friendly and comfortable. The take home for This Girl was the demographic. Every age seemed to be represented and that’s sort of noice. It’s not a twenty-something bar and neither is it only for, well, errr, our age group…
I’ll be back for a margarita fur shure. The Lovely Deputy has declared, ‘I’d like to go there next weekend’. Sounds like a done deal.
Go say hello to Fiona and Ange. And see you there next Friday night.
Find them on Facebook here.
Stop in for a drink at 22 Montpelier Retreat, Battery Point.


Here’s another bar we visited recently, The South Seas Cocktail Lounge.

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