I’ve become my mother

My mum will talk to anyone and everyone. When I was a kid, I figured people thought she was a little crazy or lonely or both. Inpatient and embarrassed, I was never going to be like
that! I often think about her now when I’m having a conversation with a random. There are definitely people I chat to who think I’m slightly unhinged. There are others like Ms Hobart 2013, who I met at Mofo in her first year in Tasmania. We continue to run into each other all over Hobart and chat. Last time was in the Hendrick’s Bar at Dark Mofo Park. The time before that was at Pilgrim Coffee. The time before that was at the Winston Hotel. The time before that was…oh Hobart!

Ms Hobart 2013 seems like a lovely woman so talking to randoms might not be so crazy after all. Our first encounter was some alcohol-haze deep and meaningful. But it was significant enough to continue a casual acquaintance for three years. Social capital exponents say there is strength in weak bonds. It’s these informal contacts that matter to community connectedness. My old mum might have been on to something after all.

It’s not just her traits I never wanted to replicate. There are the things that sneak up on me. Her influence is pervasive.
Our family photo albums are studded with pics of my dolled up mum poised on the arm of our lounge chair, skivvy, tartan mini, and laced up boots in black or white. She had two pairs. As a little girl, poring over the pictures, I thought she looked like a model. There’s a great Hobart retro and vintage shop called Hello Gorgeous. If you haven’t been there you really should. One visit I
found the exact boots in my size. I’ve damaged the soles now but I used to wear them with a second-hand Fletcher Jones wool tartan mini and a black skivvy.
I reached for a blue cowl neck jumper in Sportscraft the other day. I remembered she’s always wore them and stopped myself. The likeness was a little too confronting. Later, I had to pick something up at Chemist Warehouse before I went home. I found Estee Lauder’s Blue Grass. It was the perfume she wore when I was growing up and I bought some for posterity.
How are you like your folks?

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