Growing Tomatoes

A year ago
Around about this time last year, guest blogger Russell Kelly wrote a post for Living Loving Hobart on growing tomatoes.
Not long beforehand, he had stocked up on heritage plants from the annual tomato plant sale at the Botanical Gardens. Reflecting on Hobart’s history with tomatoes he reminded us that the number one rule here is – Don’t Plant Them Before Hobart Show Day. From Show Day onwards (which is a week Thursday BTW), tradition tells us ‘…the frost is less likely and the warming sunshine can work its magic.’
This year former Greens Leader and Greens Senator for Tasmania, Christine Milne suggested that with warming temperatures, tomato plants could go in a week or so earlier.
With warmer weather forecast for this week, the Lovely Deputy has thrown caution to the wind, planted out this year’s Botanical Gardens’ bounty, and then for safekeeping and a
little superstition, wrapped them in plastic.
We’ll see how they go.
Read the original post, Love as Tomatoes for 5 things you need to successfully grow tomatoes in Hobart.
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