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Alehouse and eatery, The Winston enjoys a committed following of youngins, lefts of centre and the occasional tourist from the U S of A. The Winston is the only place in NoHo you can catch the full force of the afternoon sun, the always crowded row of outside tables are a testament.

It’s accommodating and has an array of craft beers if you like that sort of thing. It also has inexpensive American southern/southwestern comfort food which has proven popular with the locals.

It’s This Girl’s go to for chips and chardy with The Lovely Deputy every other Thursday. It’s also become the place we have a meal before or after a Sunday afternoon film at the State Cinema.
This is when we first broached the questions: what is a cheap eat? And more importantly, where are they? 
So how did they fare on our cheap eats criteria?

The meals are filling, tasty and aesthetically pleasing.

We’ve tried a number of plates at The Winstons. We keep going back to the Mr Kiehne’s southern chicken burger for $16 and the cheese burger with its smoky-flavoured patty also for $16. They’re big decent burgers served with fries. We cut them in half so we can share. It’s not food for the faint-hearted: fried and dripping in buffalo sauce, which is why it’s so delicious.
Last visit we also shared the chimichanga with black beans, Mexican rice, corn, zucchini and mozzarella wrapped up in a flour tortilla. Of course, a chimichanga is like a taco, but deep fried. Hmmm….We chose the mushrooms which took it just over the $20 threshold. But all together two meals cost $40 and drinks are also affordable.

The tacos are a good option too. This Girl would generally eat two for a modest meal, three would send me over the edge. You can eat three for less than $20.

The main is served with some ethics.
Yessiree, Chef confirmed free-range eggs, chicken and bacon. You’ve got to be happy with that.
There’s a modicum of comfort.
Order at the counter, take a number, grab your cutlery and choice of sauces and find yourself a seat. It’s a pub but one with plenty of seating and plenty of people there to do some eating with their drinking. Meals are part of the deal. It’s a relaxed setting for a pub meal with a difference. They also get the first gold star for going all out on the free-range.

Here’s their website.

Find more information about specials and fun times on Facebook here.
They’re located at 381 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart. The kitchen is open from 5 pm until 9.30 pm.
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