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The corner shop is making a comeback. It seems we’ve come full circle, moving away from the ubiquitous multi-national and back to the neighbourhood store where they know your name and the produce is often local.


For This Girl it’s the Rosetta Store + Bakery. This store has come a long way in the seven years the Willcock family have owned it as This Girl discovered with a behind the scenes tour with Dean, one of the co-owners.


It might surprise you to know that the Rosetta Store + Bakery is a store and bakery. In Rosetta. No seriously. It’s no average IGA. They are an IGA Express so you get the benefits of their prices and weekly specials. But a significant part of their business is their fresh baked goods.


The bakery accounts for half of their daily sales and they are known to sell out of some of their popular products early, such as their mini pizzas.

They have built an amazing bakery kitchen filled with baker’s ovens, stainless steel work benches and cold store rooms full of their delicious bakery offerings. Everything in their hot and cold bakery displays is made by their bakery team who work every day to bring the locals their goodies. This Girl’s father claims their pastie is the best he’s ever tasted!


They bake a great range of breads including sourdough, rye and caraway, focaccias, Turkish bread along with the regular white and brown loaves. They also make take home and bake pizzas. This Girl is a fan of the supreme, which easily serves two, often with leftovers for lunch (but not always) at $13 for a large pizza.

They have a deli where you can get cold cut meats for your sandwiches and a range of meat from some local Tassie butchers. They make up fresh salad rolls of a morning you can grab on your way to work and fruit packs suitable for the kids’ lunches; for those times when you just haven’t got anything in the cupboard!

This unassuming little corner store is actually a major employer for the local area; they employ a total of 30 staff and most are locals.


The Rosetta Store and Bakery has been in the Willcock blood for some time, with Dean’s mother working for the previous owner prior to them buying the business.


You can order your groceries online and either pick them up or have them delivered to your door.


You’ll find them at 502 Main Road, Montrose.

Here’s their website.

Keep up to date on their Facebook page and you can even check them out on YouTube.

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