Christmas Tradition I

There’s a one-off and there’s coincidence. It’s three times in a row that makes for tradition.
Christmas looks particularly good dressed up in tradition.
This Girl is heading north to Cairns, so this year Christmas is going to be all poolside cocktails and sunburn. Hooray!
The Other Girl is a little nonplussed that our own Christmas tradition will go by the wayside and it got us thinking. What traditions do we celebrate at Christmas?
The Two Girls and Boxing Day Dinner
For the last three years, The Other Girl has loaded up a basket of left overs and come over for Boxing Day dinner. We exchange pressies, eat way too much food and have an unhurried
and unharried dinner together – all the benefits of a Christmas meal with none of the stress.

Menu Planning

This Girl loves to pore over recipes books and magazines to select my Christmas menu. I spend weeks looking at options including reviewing each November and December edition of my
almost 20 year collection of Gourmet Traveller magazine. Then I forensically plan the preparation.
Christmas Eve Dinner
I like to start Christmas with a formal sit down dinner the night before. I always do a Christmas cocktail and three courses.
A Christmas Theme
A themed Christmas is a tradition introduced by the Lovely Deputy. Last year’s was peacock colours. That’s tree decorations, wrapping and table setting.
Champagne for Breakfast
This tradition will stretch to Cairns, champagne for breakfast while unwrapping gifts. It’s the perfect way to start the day.
What traditions do you celebrate at Christmas?

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