Christmas Tradition II

Christmas Tradition II
Last week the Other Girl shared her Christmas Tradition’s with us and now it’s my turn.


Christmas Trees This girl has two traditions with Christmas trees!

The first is the family gathering to decorate my parent’s Christmas tree.  That is after my mum has put the lights on exactly the way she wants them.   With grandkids and great grandkids she’s had to give up on the idea of having the perfect looking tree.  Each of us has our own (at least one) ornament and we get to place the ornaments anywhere we want.  It is a beautiful mis-match, however ‘Grandma’ has been known to make some edits after all the decorating has been done!

 Christmas 2015
The second is that I always make a Christmas tree of some sorts for our home.  Something out of the norm.  This year it is a re-boot of my 2013 tree, even when I’m pushed for time I manage to make something – last year I made a tiny, tiny tree out of a bamboo stick and ribbons!
Christmas 2013
I’m already searching for ideas for next years!
Christmas Lunch Christmas lunch for this girl is always with her parents, sometimes it is with the whole family, sometimes with friends and other times it has just been the three of us – but lunch always involves my mum and dad!



Christmas Dinner Christmas dinner is spent with This Girl’s bestie and her family – it stretches out the Christmas feeling, more presents to give to excited kids plus a laid back relaxing evening.
Midnight Presents Devotee has created this little tradition all on his own. At the stroke of midnight, as Christmas Eve turns into Christmas Day, Devotee wakes me so we can open a present each. I have to say, the first year this tradition was introduced I was not impressed, however now I find it kind of cute and look forward to it!
The Two Girls Boxing Day Dinner The Other girls mentioned our own tradition of sharing our Christmas leftovers in a casual Boxing Day dinner won’t be happening this year, but we’ll bring it back for next year! It just means we have to find another way to celebrate when she’s back in Tassie!  You can read about her Christmas Traditions here.

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