Lunch with Mrs Smyth

The Two Girls Made This
Podcast is a smartphone app. Apart from that The Two Girls didn’t really have a clue. But that didn’t stop us from jumping at the chance to have a go at one.
Before we knew it, we had packed a two-course lunch for a day in the country and a stint in a home recording studio.

Mrs Smyth from Mrs Smyth Made This is a Tassie blogger from way back and a one time recording artist. More recently she’s taken to podcasts as a new blogging medium. Unsurprisingly, for someone unafraid of microphones, sound levels and editing software.

Mrs Smyth and This Girl first bonded over fondant and royal icing; cake decorating for beginners. Sticky with sugar and wondering if our investment in the obligatory paraphernalia would ever see the light of day after the six-week course, she told me she liked me, and so began a friendship that’s spanned the last seven years. There have been babies (hers), a new relationship (mine) and far fewer cakes (she quit sugar and I stashed my gear in the bottom of a cupboard and forgot about it).
The Two Girls and Mrs Smyth agree that the world can only be a better place with more optimism. Positivity and creativity are Mrs Smyth’s passions. Celebrating the positive without being Pollyanna is important to The Two Girls and blogging is one of our creative expressions, along with cooking.

So before we got down to business, we treated Mrs Smyth to a sit down lunch. We ate The Other Girl’s chicken lasagna. It’s made with diced chicken thigh fillet to retain texture, tomato passata and a little beef stock for oomph. She spoiled us with a topping of two layers of pasta and béchamel. It is just about the best lasagna ever.

For dessert This Girl made meringues with toasted coconut and served them with cream whipped with lemon curd and a salad of pineapple and passionfruit.

Mrs Smyth is recording a library of podcasts that will soon be available on her webpage and she’s focusing on creative people with a story to tell.

Two Girls and Mrs Smyth had a chat about Living Loving Hobart and a bit about our creative process.

Here are a few things about our blog that we found interesting:
  • Breaking news on a new restaurant has resulted in our biggest traffic.
  • Our third highest number of hits comes from the Ukraine. Go figure.
  • We research and blog together and separately. We don’t disclose which of us is writing at any time because the narrator is always This Girl and the other girl is, well, The Other Girl, Duh.
  • We talk A LOT about food, eating out, cooking, where to buy it, but we also blog about other great things about Hobart and its wonderful people. We often have guest bloggers because its awesome to be able to provide a place for other voices.
  • We’ve been blogging since February 2012 and we’ve still got more to say. We’re trying to take over the world one blog at a time.
Keep your eye out for our pod cast and read Mrs Smyth Made This here.


Find her on Facebook here.

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