The Hub Korean Fusion BBQ

Go Gogigui

Meat roast – Korean style, it’s come to Hobart. Better still, it’s just down the street in marvellous Moonah.
Biding their time, Hub Café owners, have refurbished, transforming part of the kitchen to restaurant space and installing electric barbecues at the new tables.
Barbecuing meat at your table might be run of the mill in Korea, but it’s a novelty here. At The Hub there is a big menu that includes entrees, desserts and salads that are prepared for you by the chef and a selection of meat, seafood and vegetables that you will barbecue at your table. Your table attendant will help you charge up the barbie and explain how it works, then it’s over to you.
Korean barbecue is a shared eating experience. The enjoyment comes not just from the marinades and roasted flavours. It also comes from working out what you’ll barbecue next, cooking the food as a group, and eating it together.
The Two Girls and The Lovely Deputy started by sharing a kimchi pancake ($12) and steamed prawn and vegetable dumplings ($8).

We chose lamb slices ($18), bacon and mushroom wraps ($16) spicy squid ($15) and sweet potato ($8). Each table receives a banchan – a complimentary plate of condiments. This included pickled zucchini, kimchi, green salad and overdressed coleslaw.

The lamb and the kimchi pancake were the standouts for flavour and interest factor followed closely by the bacon and enoki mushrooms and spicy squid.

There was more than enough for three people for dinner and it cost less than $30 each.

The barbecue dishes arrived at our table close on the heels of our starters. If you want to eat in the style of courses it might be worth asking for some breathing space between plates.
Their menu includes a number of stone and hot pots for eating solo and for sharing.
On other good news, the Hub Korean Fusion BBQ is BYO and there are three bottle shops in walking distance, including Cooleys Hotel at number 45.
The Korean Fusion BBQ is fun, tasty and affordable. We say pay them a visit for a different style of eating.
Find them at 59 Main Road, Moonah (corner of Albert Road). They’re open for dinner, Tuesday – Saturday, 5.30 – 9.30 pm.
Find The Hub Café (and their menu) on Facebook here.
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