Humble befits a restaurant on the city fringe; which is ironic given this one’s grandiose name.
Templo opened unceremoniously but has been received with reverence.
The street aesthetic of the former Chulo has been modified. Black upholstery, a feature circular communal table and Spanish wines now line the service area, the workings of the enlarged kitchen exposed. Its small size encourages a casual dining experience. It’s an intimate setting – not one for sharing State secrets, but a convivial one. It’s a place for starting conversations with strangers about our shared experience, food. The dozen or so plates of  the day are listed on the blackboard above the kitchen’s serving area. All are Italian-inspired. In line with current trends, the menu is designed to share (or not if that’s your preference).
You can order a la carte or the chef’s menu. For $60 per person you share each of the plates except dessert. Having both of us eaten enough beef carpaccio in a year to sate ourselves (that’s about two servings each), we elected to avoid this dish (beef carpaccio, anchovy, $16). It is a regular however and has received its own accolades elsewhere. In its place we tried the rhubarb semi-freddo.
Here’s what we had (stand-alone prices included):
  • crispy polenta ($4)
  • stracci, asparagus,
    pancetta ($12)
  • pork, green sauce ($12)
  • cured trevally ($16)
  • gnocchetti, broccolini,
    chilli ($19)
  • swordfish ($24)
  • lamb, fregola, pea ($25)
  • rhubarb semi-freddo ($8)

Templo prepare their plates in earnest. They are both profound and delicate. We enjoyed each plate equally. If I had to choose a stand out I would go with either of the exquisite house-made pasta dishes, dressed to complement not overwhelm. Perhaps, this is the key to their success. In this seemingly simple menu, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts – but the plates are so well balanced you appreciate the component parts too.

The semi-freddo was the exception in this seating, because on this occasion the ingredients were inadequately folded together leaving inconsistent flavours and texture. The Other Girl assures me that on her previous visit the lemon semi-freddo was perfect however.
Templo is as good as its Hobart contemporaries, don’t misinterpret its modest location. This is food done well, skillfully presented and exquisitely prepared. Service is attentive and efficient.
There is no better time to revel in Hobart’s food scene. Templo is another feather in our culinary cap.
Templo is located at 98 Patrick Street, Hobart. Call them to make a reservation on 6234 7649.
They’re open Thursday to Monday between 11 am until late.
Find them on Facebook here and view their webpage here.They’ve recently been named in the Financial Review’s ‘Australia’s Top 500 Restaurants’ list’, along with some other fine Tasmanian restaurants.  You can see the full listing here.

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