Living Loving Hobart’s 4 Year Anniversary

Four Years Strong
The Two Girls are celebrating our four year anniversary at Living Loving Hobart.

We’ve grown up a bit in our fourth year. We managed to break foodie news and we’re really happy to see our followers growing on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll keep bringing you our adventures in Hobart and the food and places we’ve enjoyed over the year to come.
Anticipate some changes in 2016 though. We’re really excited about plans to launch a new blog site over the coming months which will be smarter and easier to navigate. We’ve also decided to start moving towards a more commercial blog doing sponsored posts for example. We’ll continue our focus on the ‘bright side of life’, only posting when we’ve got something positive to say but we’ll let you know if it’s been sponsored.
Like most people, we get a little nostalgic on our anniversaries so here are two posts from this year we really liked doing. Funny enough, they’re both based in the same location, Hobart’s Brooke Street Pier.
Aloft Restaurant Hobart
The opening of the beautiful Aloft restaurant was highly anticipated. It’s not every day a restaurant opens up in some of Hobart’s best real estate and it’s modern, chic, and locavore.

The Aloft brains trust successfully built momentum for the new restaurant using Facebook – using both their own and the Eating out in Tassie site. Interviews with one of the Head Chefs and one of the restaurant’s owners before opening and an invite to the first of their very gracious soft launches made for an outstanding blogging opportunity. Thanks to Christian and Aisha again for their time and generosity!

Here’s a little from the post:

Imagine sitting looking over the edge of a diving board; everything below is aquamarine, everything above is blue sky.
Except you’re seated in comfort, drinking in pristine views across the Derwent River in Hobart’s restaurant de jour. Scandinavian finishes and unconstrained nautical suggestions; a dining space where the kitchen is revered, a feature in itself. All aloft Hobart’s Brooke Street Pier.
Read the rest of the post on Aloft – the most popular post of the year.
We also got to eat there proper and there’s another post about dining out at Aloft.
Glass House
Our first visit to Glass House was for This Girl’s birthday, the stunning space was perfect for a special birthday lunch.

The Glass House sits right over the water and we were lucky enough to be seated at the window facing absolute waterfront, almost feeling like we were the only people there. The space is cleverly set up so you are not distracted by other diners. They offer small plates which are ideal for sharing. Our maître’ d helped us choose the perfect selection.  The Tasmanian salmon sashimi was the highlight for This Girl.

The Glass House offers a selection of interesting and fancy cocktails and as it was a special occasion that’s what the Two Girls started with, followed it by a bottle of Pinot Rose.
The Two Girls have been back a few times to the Glass House, for a Friday night pre-event drink and in a larger group for a special celebration.


Here’s a little from the post:

 At the end of the Brook Street Pier is floor to ceiling glass. Inside is a bar and restaurant of impeccable quality like the Murano glass that lines its entrace.  The Glass House is a destination.

The owners of the boutique Hotel Islington, with a reputation for beautiful aesthetic and attention to detail, have been kind enough to share these qualities with the realpolitik.

The Two Girls recently celebrated a birthday there.

Read the post in full here – The Glass House.Thanks to our followers – the one’s who’ve been around from the beginning and the newbies!


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