Urban Greek

Urban Greek
Urban Greek is serious Crete food with a sense of humour.

It was Boozy Friday Lunch Friend’s choice. He suggested an unlicensed
venue without an espresso machine. I thought he was joking. Then I suggested Urban
Unless I’m thinking of the very sexy Press Club or the more family-orientated,
Hellenic Republic in Melbourne, I have pigeon-holed Greek cuisine as meat, chips,
cheese and dips.
These are some of my favourite things, which was why I was keen to try
Urban Greek.

The former premises of Garagistes have been remodeled. It’s a hybrid
refurb, modern copper finishes and black upholstery with walls adorned with
Grecian murals and Hellenic blue stained ceramics.

Two days earlier I was advised over the phone that lunch bookings
weren’t usually necessary but they happily took my details anyway. I heaved
open the door to find a comfortably occupied restaurant with a 70-80 people
capacity, plenty of full tables and space for more.

Service was attentive, delightful and encouraged This Girl’s faltering pronunciation.

Feedback on Urban Greek resounds with ‘the meals are HUGE!’ We decided to
steer clear of the really big plates and ordered a little of everything else.

What we ate:

  • Melitzanosalata, $8.50, an aubergine dip with spices
  • Saganaki cheese with fig sauce and rakamoto, $13
  • Lamb skewers, chips and a side of Greek salad, $28.50
  • Urban Salad, $15.50, leaves, carrots, diced orange, capsicum, sundried
    tomatoes, seeds and parmesan.
Refusing to put up the white flag, we also had:
  • Galaktoboureko, $10, a classic Greek dessert of custard, filo pastry and
    raw sugar syrup and
  • Metaxa brownie, $13, a warm chocolate brownie, with a Greek liqueur
    syrup and candied Cretan cherries.

Urban Greek is good value – we paid $70 each, including a bottle of
Milton Laura sparking rose – and despite our best attempts, we had to leave most of the

There were a few things I particularly enjoyed. The first was the
quality pita bread. I’m serious. I love a house made pita with substance to accompany a dip
and Urban Greek aced it. The second was the fig sauce that went with the
saganaki. We were also served the more traditional lemon with the fried cheese and tried
both, but the fig flavour was thoroughly enjoyable and invoked the cuisine.

The third was the desserts. The custard and filo was light and just
lovely. It’s the sort of dessert that you’d find Nigella Lawson eating in the
middle of the night if it was left in the fridge. She’d actually come to your house to eat it. The brownie was a super-dark
chocolate cake which also introduced us the new flavours of Metaxa and candied cherries.
There’s plenty to be enjoyed on this menu even if meat and potatoes are
a feature, and you’ll be treated well while you also enjoy plates with new
Find Urban Greek on Facebook here.
They have a webpage where you can make a reservation – Urban Greek.
They’re located 10 Murray Street, Hobart.
Call them on 03 6109 4712.
Other places to eat in the area:
Hejos – which is now located a little further up Elizabeth Street and on
the opposite side of the road.


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