Moving to the country

Gonna eat a lot of peaches

A 60 year old walnut tree, herbs and a couple of raised beds are the closest I’ve ever got to the country. Then the Lovely Deputy moved in and transformed the garden, constructed a green house and bought guinea pig, chicken and most recently, quail.


My work colleague, Ms Bojangles, is a meat eater because she’s convinced herself that it comes in a packet from the supermarket. She’s not alone.

‘Peaches come from a can, they were put there by a man…’ (Presidents of the United States of America)

Since I’ve admitted that we’re breeding quail for consumption, people look at me a little differently. Last dispatch, I decided it was time I toughened up and took part. Now I’m a certified fowl plucker.


It’s been a gentle introduction to living closer to the land for This Girl which is a good thing because the Lovely Deputy has been yearning for more. Now he’s bought a farm and we’re going to live together in the real country.

I’m trading a light industrial landscape for lush paddocks and livestock.

Moving house is a stressful life event. In one short week I might have kept the hyperventilating to a minimum but I have gone beserk a couple of times. I’m leaving the home I’ve made here in marvellous Moonah. It’s still early days but here are five things which are helping me already:IMG_5651


  1. Making a home together – Moonah was my home before the Lovely Deputy moved in. I tried to make space for him but it isn’t a place we’ve made together. I’m reminding myself that this is the next stage for us.
  2. New opportunities – Moving house, suburb and lifestyle is a chance to live differently. Things will necessarily change which means new adventures, new places to eat, new animals to care for, and the produce to cook with from the most beautiful garden and hot house ever.
  3. Do one thing at a time – I’ve had a lot of crazy in a short period of time. I got all overwhelmed at how much there is to do to get a house ready to rent (that I’m renovating), and organise a move. The Lovely Deputy and I are writing plans and lists and we’re working our way through them, piece by piece, just as if we were eating an elephant. I’m using a soft copy calendar which I’ll soon convert into tasks on the App called ‘Todoist’.
  4. Give yourself a break – Okay so I might have been up at 5 am this morning painting a window and packing cake tins but I’ve decided early that I don’t have to spend every minute working towards the future. I’m going to build in time to read a book, play a computer game and watch the tellie too.
  5. Buy new furniture – just because it’s fun.

You can expect more country living posts.

Here’s my last post on the my suburban farm – #CountryLife in Moonah.

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