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I loved Orizuru so much that when they packed up and left I wasn’t interested in what took their place. The absence of positive reviews about the replacement was also duly noted.

Eager to claim a fabulous lunch choice, Boozy Friday Lunch Friend suggested Pearl and Co. This Girl was dubious. Not wanting to disappoint Boozy, I chose optimism.


The day of our lunch, the weather was beautiful. Windows the length of the restaurant were open to the sunshine, the water of Constitution Dock was sparkling and the sky was clear and blue in way that only happens on a glorious, autumn day in Hobart.

Marketed as a bar and shared plates, there is a high, central table for large groups and there are tables that seat couples +. In the Orizuru tradition, they’ve kept limited seating at the kitchen so you can watch the chefs at work. It is also the place where they are considering holding special degustation dinners in the future.


What we ate:

  • white fish medallions, $27, crisp tempura battered, mixed mushroom and wakame salad, sesame and soy glaze
  • crispy skin duck breast, $27.50, Chinese five spice marinated, scented wild rice, sour broth and bok choy
  • green bean and hazelnuts, $12.50, shallots, pancetta, hazelnuts
  • five spiced panna cotta, $15, palm sugar and honey syrup, pistachios and Persian fairy floss and
  • chocolate and maple tart, $13, caramel glass, date ice-cream and solerno fluid gel.


The mains were the stand out on our visit. The white fish was Trevalla and the tempura was translucent. Duck should always be selected when it is present on a menu and this was beautifully cooked, succulent, with a spicy depth. Mains are largely unaccompanied so a side is a good way to balance a meal.

Service was friendly and professional. Head chef, Josh Mathewson, saw our Instagram updates and made himself known to us sporting a complimentary Cats Tongue chocolate plate. This is a selection from the Huonville based chocolatier which is priced at $15.


The desserts were gorgeously presented even if they didn’t quite meet the expectations they invited. Josh noted that the panna cotta was a little too sweet and would be changed on future menus. Boozy concurred.

While we were there, we got to drool over their breakfast menu. Josh’s take on eggs and Hollandaise sauce includes smoked trout and avocado. I was in and convinced Mrs S to breakfast with me there the following week.


I also accidentally convinced her to select what I was going to order. The golden rule of blogging is that everyone needs to try something different. She’d offered to pay as a birthday treat so I wasn’t going to argue the point. What we ate:

  • eggs pearl $18.50, two poached eggs on lightly toasted rye, cold smoked trout, smashed avocado, hollandaise sauce and

sticky pork belly and pumpkin rosti, $19.50, slow cooked pork belly, soft poached egg, crisp rosti, sticky Cantonese sauce, chilli and cucumber salad.


As runner up, the pork belly was simply delicious and a breath of fresh air. I really enjoy different breakfast options to what is on offer in many cafes. Mrs S enjoyed the eggs pearl but we both noted that the smashed avocado was a bit light on, a little disappointing for avocado addicts and a selling point for the dish. It looked to be more of an avocado spread rather than lashings of sliced fruit. Regardless, we both really enjoyed these meals, the presentation, service and quality were very good.

And they make a fine soy latte.

This Girl does not understand why more people aren’t raving over Pearl and Co. A quick look over their Facebook page suggests they’re keen to please and are presenting some diverse events to attract our attention like Friday and Saturday afternoon half priced cocktails. I’ll be going back pronto.

You can find the Pearl and Co at Victoria Dock aka Mures on the ground floor.

Here’s a link their Facebook page – Pearl and Co.

You can read their menu on their webpage – Pearl and Co.

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