Restaurant Schulz @ the Polish Club

Central European food in down town Hobart


There’s two things This Girl knows about central European food. How to ask for a piece of black forest cherry cake in high school German and not to call a Bavarian flamecake a pizza.


Hobart has a proud Polish community. The Polish club, established in 1961, is an institution. There’s a bar that stocks a range of Polish and European beers and there’s a function area for hire. No doubt you’ve been to a party there before. Now there’s a central European style restaurant.

Flammkuchen proprietor Markus Schulz has hitched his wood-fired oven up to the club and opened for dinner.

The Two Girls love the opportunity to try food from around the world and we were keen to see how Markus would take on his new enterprise.


Restaurant seating is in the lounge bar and a portion of the function area. The restaurant is independent of the Club. Order and pay for your drinks at the bar. Restaurant Schulz will seat you at your table and take it from there.

Menu options are good. You’ll find all of the flammkuchen you may have come across at various food events in Markus’ mobile foodvan and a range central European classics – schnitzels, sausages, gulasch, pork and game meat.


What we ate:

  • Pretzel with obatzda dip, $9, mashed brie and spices served with onion relish and gerkins
  • Pierogi, $12, house made Polish dumplings filled with mushroom, potato and sauerkraut, served with grilled Boks bacon and garnish
  • Schnitzel Wiener Art, $26, Viennese style freshly crumbed Nichols Chicken breast schnitzel served with chips, cranberry sauce and a side salad
  • Käsespätzle $23 , house made German egg noodles baked with local Swiss style cheese, topped with crispy onions and served with a side salad
  • Linzer torte with Vanilla ice cream $11, an Austrian spiced nut cake filled with black currant jam, served with Valhalla Vanilla bean ice cream
  • Flammkuchen – $16 , topped with real Vanilla crème fraiche, apples, berry compote, spiced rum and sweet crumble.


Markus is serving good value meals as evidenced by the pile of doggy bags we left with and the bill that came in just under $50 each for three courses.

All the meals were lovely with special recognition going to simply the best schnitzel in the world. Tassie’s eating and dining out Facebook pages are brimming with praise for a parmi here or a parmi there but this stripped down version is actually the best. There’s no contest. Markus thinly slices and tenderises the chicken breast. The chicken is cooked so the crumbed coating and the flesh inside are both deliciously tender.


The pierogi pastry was light and the dumpling content was full of flavour. The pretzel was glossy on the outside and fluffy within, and the taste of the dip which was new to us, was delicious.

The noodles are a European style mac and cheese. Our advice is try it as a shared plate with other dishes.

Desserts were good, the linzer torte used blackberry jam by our taste buds and the fruit crumble-style flammkucken was a knock out.


Restaurant Schultz is a great winter venue with a menu of comfort food.

Restaurant Schulz is located at the Polish Club, 20 New Town Road, New Town.

The Polish Club is open Wednesday to Saturday. Check their webpage for opening times – Polish Club Hobart 

Make a booking by calling 0499 099 886.

Find them on Facebook – Restaurant Schulz

They have a blog where you can see their menu – Restaurant Schulz

Here’s the last time we visited a community association’s restaurant – A trattoria in NoHo.


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