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Burgers like the parmigiana, are ubiquitous. And like politics, everyone’s got an opinion on them.

The Two Girls first visited the All-American hamburger joint, The Standard, early on. We rate The Standard. We liked a lot about what they were doing and we’ve eaten there since our first review (see the link below). The other day they asked us to come in for a burger, on the house.


This time we met the chef behind the burger. Formerly of Mona, Josh, has been with The Standard from the beginning of time, testament to the consistent quality.

The Standard prides itself on making the quintessential American burger. Our take on their take is a thinner patty – if you want extra meat you get a double patty, cheese –cheddar or something sharper like a blue; bacon; caramelised onions; pickles; and condiments – mustard, mayo etc. You’ll find all those ingredients on their menu, along with some seriously delicious fried chicken, both on burgers and in their own take on the chicken nugget called the poppler.


They told us that the chicken (Inghams) and bacon is free range. The chicken raises eyebrows however. It’s served pink. Not because it is undercooked, but because it is marinated in red wine. The inside temperature of the chicken is monitored so you’re guaranteed it will be cooked to perfection.

Apparently the shakes go off in winter and the most popular burgers right now are anything with bacon and BBQ.


What we ate:

  • Chicken popplers, $7, for four huge nuggets. You can choose from the range of dipping sauces – aioli, ranch, BBQ, blue cheese, animal or red hot.
  • Cowboy, $11, beef patty, bacon, BBQ onion rings, pickles, mayo and cheese.
  • The Swiss, $11, beef patty, Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, mushrooms, caper mayo and pickles.
  • Fries, $4

This Girl also recently tried the new addition to their menu, the Chicken Caesar burger, $13, fried chicken, bacon, cos lettuce, Caesar dressing and pickles. On this visit, the Lovely Deputy had the veg burger, $9.


Burgers, fries and popplers were all delicious. The Standard has the right balance of house made brioche roll and meat. The bacon is crispy. Extras like mushrooms make the Swiss a little bit special. The fried chicken is particularly good making the Caesar This Girl’s favourite.

The Standard has had some good staff on the books. On this visit we were served by Holly who was welcoming and informative.


The prices make these some of the most affordable burgers in town. If you get a standard at the standard then you won’t pay over $10 for your meal. We’re also really pleased The Standard are now free-range.

The quality of the meat burgers is so good that the commercially produced, veg burger, a thick bubble and squeak patty is underwhelming. Although, they tell us that they haven’t been happy with the vego products they’ve tried themselves. Our earlier feedback was that the local hand cut fries were outstanding, but it appears we were in the minority. Customer feedback has seen them move away from local product to a frozen bulk buy alternative.  There’s no movement on the recycling and messy garbage situation however – hint hint.


The wait for a burger is around 10 minutes but in the interests of those with a half hour lunch break, you can phone your order in and they’re looking into online ordering.

It’s worth working your way through the menu at The Standard. Don’t be shy. Head down the short alley way and grab yourself a burger.


They’re opened 7 days, 11 am until 10 pm.

Find them in Hudsons Lane off Liverpool Street – which is coincidentally, down the side of Hudsons Coffee.

Find them on Facebook here.

They also have a web site where you can find their menu – The Standard.

Here’s our first post on The Standard (2014)

And elsewhere in the neighbourhood, you might also be interested in the cafés in the vicinity – Artizan (2016) and Coterie and Co (2015) or somewhere for something more substantial at Property of Pilgrim (2015) or Dumpling World #cheap eats (2015).

Disclaimer: The Standard paid for our supper.

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