My Moonah Life #2

5 favourite things about Moonah


This Girl has been watching Moonah go from strength to strength over the last 14 years it’s been my home.

There are so many things I love about it, like the rags tied in heart-shapes on the cyclone fencing on Hopkins Street or the house with the whirly-gigs in the yard which spin crazily in the wind.

Here are five things I’ve really enjoyed about the Moonah community.

The Chinese Emporium


For years I couldn’t get the owner to crack a smile, now she asks me what I’m cooking. Sometimes I can even navigate the shelves myself and find what I want without asking for help. The Chinese Emporium is a Moonah stalwart. I giggle at the perennial sign ‘Massive sale NOW on’, piles of boxes spilling into the doorway and cooking supplies from all over Asia. It’s a fantastic shop, open extended hour and an indicator of Moonah’s diversity.

Taste of the World

Each year in March, the Glenorchy City Council hosts the cultural festival Taste of the World in Benjafield Park. The Council works with fledgling groups to encourage enterprise, creating new food stalls and culture activities. It’s not tokenistic. It is a truly representative festival where many people from diverse cultural communities come and enjoy the event. It’s been great to have it just a short walk away and a reason to feel a little bit proud of my community.

Ms Katt’s Kustom House


Glamour is not just something for the big smoke. Miss Kat brought style to Moonah years ago and her shop front is always beautiful, encouraging everyone to make a little more effort, taking us back to an era of petticoats and pencil skirts. Miss Kat set a new bar for the suburb.

Here’s our old post on Miss Kat – Ms Katt’s Kustom House.

Intercity cycleway


In the first decade I spent in Moonah, I used the bike track to ride on. Now I run on it, usually several times a week. I love how everyone says hello to each other, strangers and unexpected sightings of friends. We’ve also used it as a transport route, to get from A to B, like into the city or out to Mona for an event. The inner city cycle way is a great resource for the community. It gets everyone out and active.

Here’s our post on the bike track – Hobart’s Intercity cycleway.

Moonah Arts Centre


On the eve of leaving Moonah I’m thinking how I haven’t availed myself of this special place enough. MAC is another way the Glenorchy City Council supports cultural diversity and the arts. It’s a place you can just stop in as you are passing and there is a rolling calendar of exhibitions, performances and workshops. There’s nothing like it in southern Tassie and perhaps beyond. It brings people to our suburb and helps make Moonah the marvelous place that it is.

Here’s our most recent post on MAC – MAC comes before MONA.

What are some of your favourite things about marvelous Moonah?

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