In an increasingly disconnected world, small pockets of good will forging community is inspiring.
In a little corner of Hobart a settlement has emerged. Smaller than a village, in this hamlet, Emily Briffa and Millie Pardoe, are doing their part to raise a child.

menu Hamlet

The café Hamlet, is social enterprise. In partnership with the Migrant Resource Centre and WorkSkills, their ethos is to provide opportunities for young people who face barriers to employment. They’re mentoring is skilling-up young people in front of house, kitchen, coffee making and English-language skills. Young people come in for a few hours in either the morning or afternoon and shadow an experienced staff member. Hamlet is already using their contacts with local cafes to make referrals and hook up young people with service hours on offer.


buddha bowl wall and menus


Tip: It takes a village is an African proverb that means that an entire community plays a role in giving young people the best chance of becoming healthy adults. A hamlet is a smaller than a village – usually without a church.

It feels good to be part of something with a heart and an eye on community.

The coffee and food is really good too.


They’re setting an alterno-pace on the menu where the dish of the day is not vego but the meat-option. Food is sourced locally and seasonally where possible and indigenous ingredients find their place in the sun.

On a rainy Sunday we found ourselves their for lunch – Running Sista, Captain America, Godson, the Lovely Deputy and This Girl.

We ate:

  • With no regard for the golden rule of blogging we ate three Buddha bowls, $14, brown rice, kimchi, seasonal veggies, toasted wakame, saltbush and sesame dressing
  • meat toastie, $18, salami, cheddar, relish, roquette and pickles
  • thyme sautéed mushrooms, caramelised onion, basil pesto and lemon crumb with the poached egg option, $17
  • We shared a couple of portions of the lemon coconut cream slice and the peanut butter and cocoa slice, $4.50 each, raw, vegan, gluten free, and dairy free.

dessert truffles

Hamlet is located at the entrance to the Hobart rivulet track where they enjoy the passing trade weekdays. Being tucked up in a new development, away from the well beaten weekend path, Hamlet is a great place to visit on a Saturday or Sunday – there’s just a little more air to breathe when you’re away from our busy café areas of Salamanca and NoHo.

Visit Hamlet for good food and to play a part in our community.

Find them at the top of Molle Street, number 40.

Here’s their Facebook page here.

Where else can you get alterno food:

Lola Café

Straight Up

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