Salty Dog, Kingston

The residential market has the monopoly on seaside real estate on our southern beaches. With restaurants and bars nuzzling their way in, the regular person can now enjoy a bit more of our beautiful beaches.

The Salty Dog is a welcomed addition to Kingston Beach.

The restaurant is housed in the former Beachside Motel-Hotel. The large windows of this 1960s design offer great views of the coastline. The interior is spacious, stark white and aqua upholstery. It’s a contemporary take on a seaside colour scheme.

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As newbies to Kingston, the Lovely Deputy and I decided to try the Salty Dog for dinner. This Girl wanted comfort food. We were at the beach right? It had to be fish and chips. The Salty Dog’s version is beer battered fish with tartare sauce and a garden salad garnish, $23. This evening’s fish was Latchet, a sweet fleshed fish not dissimilar to flathead, but much more affordable. The meal was a good-sized portion and the fish and chips were spot-on.

The Lovely Deputy chose the crisp skin pork belly braised in cider with apple and pear compote, sweet potato and cider caramel, $29. The cider and braising hadn’t successfully cut through the fat but the skin was crisp and flavours worked well together.

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I also chose the tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream, $12, which used a crispy shortcrust base. I was neither disappointed nor enamoured. The offering was appropriately priced.

And speaking of price, This Girl really liked that nothing on the menu is over $30, except the share plate for two. Eating out in Hobart is increasingly feeling like Sydney and I appreciate the Salty Dog is keeping it affordable.

It’s a versatile establishment. You can enjoy a bar snack from $4.50 – $8 a plate, like house marinated olives or Thai vegetarian spring rolls, $8. All day plates include my fish and chips, toasted jaffles, $10-11, and a spiced broad bean burger, $19. The larger plates are available at set times, presumably to coincide with the split shifts of the chef.


It occurred to This Girl that it’s hard to bridge the gap between summer-lovin’ beachside design with Tassie’s short, cold days. A winter dinner doesn’t enjoy the view. The interior is fresh, clean and modern and although it’s comfortable inside, there’s no sense of warmth offered from the furnishings. It’s a summer aesthetic.

It’s tasteful and the service is polite and professional and there’s plenty on the menu to want to go back.

The Salty Dog already looks to be a success but it will be picture perfect during our warmer months.

Salty Dog is located at 2 Beach Road, Kingston.

You’ll probably need to make a reservation. Call them on 6229 6185.

Find them on Facebook here – Salty Dog

A little further down on Osborne Esplanade is cider, wine and cocktail bar, Robbie Brown’s.


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