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This Girl loves poring over recipes and planning what I’ll cook for the week. As a mad collector of Gourmet Traveller magazines, I often pull a couple of years off the shelf of the current month and find the things I’d eat now but often didn’t then. Each edition is new again. I love flicking through the mag so I haven’t yet succumbed to the digital edition, even though my bookshelf space is at a premium. I’ve come to appreciate the online search function however. They have additional content and it makes the menu planning quick. Preparing for our visit to meet James at the Huon Valley Meat Co, I went looking for meat recipes and here are the four I chose.

Lamb meatballs with burghul, yoghurt and mint

This was a perfect Sunday night dinner. It’s quick and a little special. Any stale bread gets blitzed and frozen as breadcrumbs in my kitchen and I always have yoghurt in the fridge. I couldn’t find the burghul so I used couscous instead.

lamb meatballs and orzu

Lamb meatballs with burghul, yoghurt and mint

Spiced lentil soup and crisp bacon

The use of meat in this recipe will get the non-vegetarians over the line on a lentil soup and it can be left out for the vegos. This one is a great mid-week winter dinner. I was too lazy to crisp the bacon separately and cooked it with the onions instead.


Spiced lentil soup with crisp bacon

Pork ribs

This is a breakfast, lunch or tea recipe. It asks for 4 hours of cooking. I used the slow cooker for more than six hours – set and forget. Apart from the meat, most of the ingredients were in the pantry. I served this with corn bread to clean up the juicy sauce.

Pork ribs with baked beans

Pork ribs with baked beans

Pork and cabbage pot-stickers

Dumplings are snack food or casual eating. I usually make Neil Perry’s pork dumplings and chilli dipping sauce from his ‘Balance and Harmony’ cookbook but I wanted to try something different. This is another easy recipe. There’s enough ingredients to make it interesting and they were mostly found in my pantry.


Pork and cabbage pot stickers

I noticed the raw mince from HVMC was coarser than I’m used to. It didn’t detract from the finished product but it was noticeably different to work with. The bacon was top quality. Overall l liked the meat from HMVC and now I park in the vicinity, it’s a good excuse to stop in more often.

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