Hearth conjures thoughts of home, warmth and comfort.

It’s a good name for a restaurant that’s gone from high end to casual eating, small plates and pizza. It’s also housed in a converted Federation home where diners are seated in a series of small rooms. There’s a blazing fire in the front room and that’s where Boozy Friday Lunch Friend and This Girl were fortunate to be seated one cold winter’s day recently.

Hearth’s owners established their reputation with one of Hobart’s finest restaurants, Monty’s of Montpelier Retreat. Over the years I’ve enjoyed special event meals at Monty’s. The new look Hearth is the sort of place I’d be likely to visit more often. Monty’s style applied to less formal plates at more affordable prices.

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What we ate:

  • Jerusalem artichokes, creamed potatoes, kale, grapefruit, $13
  • Salmon, scallops, fennel, oranges, almonds, dill, $17
  • Cauliflower, quinoa, pine nut, apricots, curry spice, $13
  • Wild clover lamb’s neck, beans, harissa, bread crumbs, $17
  • Dark chocolate parfait, croissant ice cream, hazelnuts, malt, $14
  • Roast Beurre Bosc pears, toasted almonds, lavender, mint, $12

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Seafood, citrus and aniseed are well suited flavours. The almonds added crunch, and the dill gave the plate a colour contrast. As a strongly flavoured herb, it also gave a little oomph to the otherwise subtle dish.

This Girl loves the sweet nutty flavour of the Jerusalem artichoke even if it’s not so easy to digest. On this occasion, these little tubers were a little undercooked for my liking.

The standout plates were the lamb and the cauliflower. The lamb was melt in your mouth succulent, richly seasoned with a gentle warmth. The cauliflower had a lovely spice and sweetness. They were outstanding eaten together.

The parfait was chocolatey deliciousness and outshone the pears. But seriously, the parfait embodied what is excellent about the dishes prepared at Hearth. Each plate we shared was well balanced – contrasting colours, different textures and amazing flavours.

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The new focus at Montpelier Retreat makes for an excellent casual dining option. It’s worth a visit and you might become a regular.

Find Hearth at 37 Montpelier Retreat, Battery Point.

Call them on 03 6223 2511

Find them on Facebook – Hearth, Pizza and Small Plates

See their webpage including their menu here – Hearthpizza

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