Moving house – A 5 point plan

I used to move rental houses every 12 months. We recently moved to the country and I was forced to remember the things I had forgotten with the luxury of 14 years of home ownership.

Here are five observations from This Girl’s move that might help if you find yourself back to packing boxes.

  1. Label each box

Make an A4 sized label template and include the sections: FRAGILE/ NOT FRAGILE, room, contents. This will deliver the box to the right room. It will also help when you’re unpacking. Be specific – you’re going to need to know where you put the iron, or the wine glasses, or your underwear.

Mostly I just put the label on top of the box. Not so easy to read when you’re faced with boxes stacked high so stick them on two sides of the box.

  1. Pack like with like

Like supermarkets, houses are configured differently. What you’ll find on the shelf of one supermarket will be different from another, and so it goes with houses. Packing things together because they’re co-located won’t necessarily make for a straight forward unpack.

Where you can, try to keep functional items – like all the cups together.  Resist the temptation to fill up any extra space in a box. There might be more boxes to unpack but they’ll be simpler to unpack, making the job quicker.

  1. Throw money at the problem

In the middle of the June floods, we moved house. Our neck of the woods was relatively unscathed unlike other parts of the state, but it was miserable weather to do a move. Invest in removalists.


  1. The necessities of life

Pack the personal things you’ll need in the first day or so in a suitcase – underwear, clothes for the next day, toiletries, iPhone charger etc. If you are able, move some items before the big move day, so they’re ready and accessible – bedding, coffee maker, cups. We took over the kitchen pantry and some plates and cups early and set them up ready. Somethings needs to be relatively stress-free in a move and this should be the capacity to clothe and feed yourself.

  1. Prioritise

Continuing on the theme above, the unpacking priorities for This Girl were: turn the fridge on and fill it, make the bed, toiletries and towels in the bathroom and unpack the rest of the kitchen. After that, take one room at a time.


What are your  moving tips?

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