5 things I love about #countrylife

I’m versatile. I adapt easily to most things. Once I’d done what I needed to do with my Moonah home, I was ready for a new adventure. It’s been two months and my name for the new home is #blissfarm. Here’s five things I already love about living in the country.

  1. Animolz

On Saturday morning I pulled up the blinds to find Rosie the cow and her calf, ‘lil Belts, sitting under the trees near the patio. Five little chicks that hatched two weeks ago were chirping away under their heat lamp in the lounge room. Two silly goats we’re agisting wandered around eating occasionally from overhanging plants. In the veggie patch, the guinea pigs were chut-chutting and the quail were secreted in the various hiding places the Lovely Deputy has set up for their comfort.

goats chicks

Animals are a blessing. I’m surrounded by all this life and it’s a delight to watch their little ways and to discover things about animals. Cows love bread for example. I hand feed the cows bread every couple of days and they’re beginning to let me pat them. Tired chicks lie with the necks resting over each other. Goats want food all the time.

  1. Buffer zone

The 20 minutes we live from the city is a buffer zone from the hustle and bustle. In Hobart, you can live on a property and be close to the city too. Instead of angry people on the bus, I have only my own thoughts or a debrief with the Lovely Deputy on my journey home. When I close the gate, I leave work and the city behind me and enjoy the peace that comes with living on a property.

  1. The bush

Now I drive along the dirt road to my home through tall Eucalypts. When I arrive I look across the paddocks to more bush on the hills opposite. There are caves hidden there. There’s bush around my paddocks.

  1. Feeling content

The Lovely Deputy has been yearning for the land for a long time. He’s so content sewing seed, caring for the animals, cutting back the berry canes, documenting his garden journal, researching sustainability. The happiness is contagious. Every day we tell each other how happy we are.

  1. Not wanting to leave

The cumulative effect of all this is that I don’t want to leave. I want to spend as much time at home as possible. I plan ways to maximise my time at home in daylight hours. Groceries are done after work and at least one day per weekend is committed to not going anywhere.

What are five things you love about where you live?

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One thought on “5 things I love about #countrylife

  1. I was raised on farm life,there is no better way to live ,with pure bliss with your own surroundings ,the smell of a brand new day,the clean air with little or no pollution,the beautiful smell of the earth after rain,these are some of the things that i miss ,because i have lived in the city surrounds for so long ,and after reading your story makes me still yearn to be back on the land .

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