Peacock and Jones Take 2

Fried carbohydrates, it doesn’t get much better. Except when those fried carbohydrates are gourmet like they are in the Peacock and Jones’ French fries with chilli, herbs and parmesan.

Don’t get the wrong impression, this is a lovely restaurant. A restaurant that has included a little comfort food on their menu, comfort food done very well.

If there are chips on a menu, This Girl will be the first one to suggest there’s a bowl for me the table.

I had a hunch that Boozy Friday Lunch Friend would like Peacock and Jones so we went along.


He didn’t take much convincing to include chippies on the table. The kitchen has ensured that the embellishments cover these French fries evenly and they’re perfect, the bite of the chilli, the sharp tang of the parmesan and the softness of the parsley, thyme and rosemary.

They were going to seat us in the Atrium but I stomped my feet. Well not quite, but I really like the restaurant’s workings – the industry of the kitchen you can watch while you eat and the classy design. We sat inside.


What we ordered:

  • french fries, chilli, herbs, garlic, parmesan, $11
  • chicken liver parfait, house brioche, pickled pear, fresh radish, 18
  • piadina – grilled flatbread, prosciutto, silverbeet, ricotta, chilli, herbs, parmesan, $25
  • salt ling fritters, anchovy emulsion, radicchio, $16
  • 2013 Meadowbank chardonnay, $88 (b) or $21 (g)

I enjoyed lunch as much as I did my first dinner there. Four plates were a little more than we needed truth be told.

We asked for the plates to come out in two rounds. Sensibly, they paired the two fried options first and followed with the parfait and the piadina. Any other combination would have jarred.

Note – a piadina is an Italian flatbread and parfait, while often used to refer to a dessert, is also used to describe a meat paste.


The fritters – cooked by someone who knows at what temperature to deep fry – had a crispy coating with a good colour and were steaming inside. The fritters worked well with the saltiness of the anchovy and the bitter radicchio.

The parfait was one of the best I’ve eaten, the smoothest creamy texture complemented by the gentle vinegar and sweetness of the fruit.

Surprisingly, the piadina was the lightest dish. It had the appearance of an uncooked pizza but was a refreshing plate loaded with vibrant colours and subtle flavours.


Service was on par with my first experience, young, knowledgeable , delightful, and still honing their eye on the detail. Drink spillages should be wiped away quick smart.

Peacock and Jones has shown itself to be a consistent performer that is delivering a high quality dining experience.

Open for dinner, Monday – Sunday and lunch, Friday – Sunday -1800 375 692.

This Girl and The Lovely Deputy had a date night there in the restaurant’s early days. See our first review here – Peacock and Jones.


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