Inside Café Launceston

Good Breakfast Hunting

The Two Girls found ourselves looking for breakfast in Launceston on a Saturday.

Maybe you’re a simple soul who’s fulfilled with eggs for brekkie.

We like a little more effort.

IMG_0506[1] IMG_0504[1]

The Two Girls are happy to pay for something we wouldn’t generally make or haven’t thought of. You don’t need to tie yourselves in knots but show a little pizazz.

Insight Café had a promising menu. We turned up to find a stylish café conjoined with gift shop. All their baked goods are cooked daily on the premises and they had an eclectic customer base – loads of young women, older couples, Park Run participants and footy fans based on the predominance of Hawks scarfs.

The service was super friendly and engaged and the turnaround was quick smart for a bustling Saturday morning with few empty tables.

What we ate:

Green eggs and haloumi –scrambled eggs folded through with pesto and a topped with a slab of haloumi

Za’atar guacamole with feta and roasted tomato on rye.


And while we were waiting we shared a chocolate peanut butter brownie with salted caramel toffee.

It was about $54 in total including two coffees and the toast with the green eggs was extra.

We thought that probably made Inside on the dearer side for breakfasts.

The pesto eggs were outstanding. They were wet without being undercooked and the addition of pesto was delicious. The haloumi was a feature rather than an embellishment on this plate and some greens through the eggs provided a textural contrast and cut through the richness of the dish nicely.

We were less enthusiastic about the avocado dish which was overpowered by the salty feta folded through the guacamole and scattered on top of the dish and the salt in the za’atar. The roasted tomato did it’s best to help out but it was not enough to balance the meal.

The chocolate brownie was a great treat – a deep cocoa flavoured dense cake balanced by the savoury peanut butter and salted caramel toffee. Delicious.


All in all, a lovely café that is worth a visit for breakfast. They’re open for lunch too.

You can find Inside Café at 10-14 Paterson Street, Launceston.

They’re open 7.30 am – 4.00 pm.

Find them on Facebook – Inside Café Launceston

You can order your drinks online

Call them on  3 6331 7348


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