The Homestead

The Homestead conjures images of a rambling farm house, rocking chair on the veranda, surrounded by lush pasture.

The Homestead is now one of Hobart’s favourite cheap eats. Formerly ‘The Don’ hotel, it had a checkered past.  In days gone by it was more underbelly than pork belly. Those days are long gone.

It is one of those old pubs however, and there are still a few of them around, where you can’t really see in. Windows are optional.


So it’s a little ironic they called it The Homestead. There is an ‘open’ sign on the door as a welcome, so you should definitely go in.

Inside is a cosy pub with friendly young staff, a mish mosh of recycled furniture, live music and a more than your average pub menu.

It’s a low key pub. None of your fancy-smancy $14 a glass of Chardonnay thanks for coming.


Instead there’s an A Ok wine list and the food menu is wide ranging. There’s plenty to choose from and there’s a specials board with a handful of new things to try. There is a parmy, several burgers and you might also find a beef rendang or seared Tasmanian salmon, lemon rice cake, broccolini and pesto.

What we ate:

Hand cut chips with tomato kasundi, $9

Croquettes – this week’s were chorizo and corn, $8

Crispy prawn with lemon slaw tacos in corn tortillas, $12

Crumbed mushrooms with aioli, $8


The pick of the plates was the crispy prawn tacos for the fresh, tasty and vibrant flavours. The crumbed mushrooms came in second because they were perfectly cooked –not greasy or watery. They would also work really well as a bar snack with some beers. This Girl is body-positive, but I do prefer a thinner chip. It’s just that it’s harder to achieve a fluffy interior with what is ostensibly a potato wedge. The Other Girl is Ms Croquette. She talks about them a lot. This evening’s croquettes didn’t rock her world. A little more chorizo and seasoning might have given them the boost they needed to go to the next level.


The Two Girls have been twice. Other dishes we’ve tired included the pulled pork taco, lamb taco, popcorn chicken and the lamb croquettes which were all really good.

The Homestead is exactly the sort of place you could easily stop in for a drink and a meal after work. Listen to some nice tunes and select from their affordable menu that has plenty of pub standards and modern additions that are keeping up with Hobart’s food scene.


Find The Homestead at 304 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart. They’re open 4 pm until late.

Check them out on Facebook – The Homestead 

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