Making Great Things – One (LEGO) Brick at a Time

You know how to eat an elephant right? One bite at a time.

If you want to achieve great things, you have to break your goal down into manageable chunks.

Ryan McNaught probably understands better than most people how you can realise your potential by starting small.

Ryan is a dinky die certified LEGO professional and he’s bringing his complete collection of LEGO to Hobart for the September school holidays.


When This Girl was growing up, there used to be a LEGO exhibition at a major department store in Sydney’s Broadway each Christmas holidays. My dad would take my sister and me on the three hour train trip to see it. I have warm memories of it. It was time with my dad, a trip to the big smoke, and you couldn’t help but marvel at the amazing structures built from little plastic bricks. I’ve had a soft spot for LEGO ever since.

This Girl asked Ryan why he thought LEGO was so iconic.

For me it is because it withstands trends, for example bricks can be anything, one minute they are a car, the next a spaceship, so as a child’s interests change or trends come and go, the LEGO bricks can change with it, it’s so malleable to the imagination.

Ryan has made a career out of LEGO and it’s been said that his greatest concern is all the eight year olds out there, after him for his job, so what’s his favourite LEGO piece?

It’s the 2×4 brick, it’s just so versatile, and I use so many of them, for example, there is over 30 000 of them in the 6m tall Saturn V rocket! They are really tough little bricks.


Looking at the massive creations made from such small building blocks it never occurred to me that LEGO might be a metaphor for something greater. This Girl asked Ryan about whether there was a deeper message in his work.

You can do whatever you want, you just need patience and perseverance and persistence, sometimes it seems like too big a challenge but when you break it down into achievable chunks it gets a lot easier.

So it seems there’s a universal message in iconic LEGO. You can achieve big things – one brick at a time.

That’s a great message for kids and adults and something to contemplate while you’re looking at Ryan’s complete collection in Hobart during the September school holidays. He described what you will see at the exhibition.


The biggest LEGO models ever to be seen in Australia, things that hopefully will blow people’s minds as they wonder how on earth we built them, as well as the hundreds of little jokes and fun things we have scattered throughout the exhibition.   Oh and of course the 2 million bricks which everyone gets to play with themselves and show us what they can do with LEGO!

The Brickman Experience exhibition runs from Tuesday, 27 September until Sunday, 9 October 2016 at Princes Wharf 1, Castray Esplanade. Open daily from 9.30 am until 4.00 pm. Adults, $29.60, Juniors 4-16 years, $19.40, family, $85.45.

For tickets – Brickman Experience 

For more information on Ryan McNaught,one of only 14 certified LEGO professionals in the world see his Facebook page –  Brickman Experience.

Images supplied courtesy of Ryan McNaught.

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