Sons of Baja Take II

Just think of a laughing sheep. Baa ha. Sons of. You’ve got it.

Sons of Baja have taken their place on the NoHo food and bar circuit with gusto. Six months on and they’re still going strong with good food and a convivial space.


The Two Girls have been a number of times since our first review including a farewell work dinner with around 30 people. We’ve put them through their paces.

The Lovely Cathy and This Girl dropped in for our post-Pilates catch up. Her Pilates. Our catch up.

At 6 pm we were there before many others who were still rolling in even after 8 pm on a Thursday.


Head chef is Daniel McGee. Daniel is formerly of the Cornelian Bay Boat House and brings with him a fine dining background and passion for Latin food. Sons of Baja tell us that Daniel has been improving the old favourites and using his creativity to include some new additions as well as regular specials which you’ll find on an additional page with the menu.


What we ate:

Hand cut tortilla chips and guacamole, $10

Guajillo braised lamb empanada, feta, almonds and crema, $10

Spicy fried cauliflower, peanut slaw taco, $6

Battered fish, pickled red cabbage, chipotle cream, guacamole taco, $7

Churros, Mexican chocolate, chipotle sugar, $12

Tres leches cake, $12


It’s casual food, utensils are often optional and it’s designed for sharing. It’s like it’s fiesta time all the time. Although on that note, they will put the table’s tacos on one plate to share rather than plated for the individual who ordered them, which is unusual.

This Girl has been known to clean up the dregs from a bowl of guacamole more than once. I’ve been to my fair of share of Latino parties. I’ll eat practically any guacamole and enjoy it but I like a little piquancy – a touch of chilli, a handful of finely grated sharp cheese, a diced golden shallot. The guacamole at Sons of Baja has less spice but a good texture with the addition of pepitas. The guacamole is served in a conservative portion with a generous pile of tortillas. I could have eaten more and there were tortilla chips to spare.


We shared one empanada which was a lovely plump parcel stuffed with shredded scented lamb in a light pastry. Good value and delicious.

The tacos were great. The cauliflower is making waves for being an excellent vego option and the battered fish was a treat.

Churros come in serves of six. Good luck to anyone who can eat those solo. They would work for two or more people. Daniel knows how to fry his churros and the accompanying chocolate sauce is the bomb. The Lovely Cathy was set on trying to drink the remains until good sense took over and she used the spoon. She liked that the tres leche cake was not cloying. I like a sweeter cake and serve mine soaked a couple of days in a mixture of condensed milk, evaporated milk and cream and topped with Italian meringue. But that’s another story.


Sigh of relief, they split the bills. In fact they happily split the bills. They see it as a point of difference with other NoHo establishments. They also do set menus for larger groups so splitting bills is even easier.

The service was affable, well suited to the environment. After throwing some of my tres leches cake down my shirt they would have happily supplied soda water but I was heading home for a post-dinner load of washing anyway.

Sons of Baja has a fun, tasty and affordable menu that is enjoyable in whatever configuration you want to experience it in. Try it midweek for dinner or take a big group and make a party of it.

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This was our first review – Sons of Baja


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