A Tiny Place

Bachelorette, Georgia Love won hearts with her ability to laugh at herself after her entrance stack on episode 1.

At lunch recently, This Girl asked A Tiny Place owner, Philippe Leban, what the alcohol was in the dessert’s syrup?

‘Oh ha ha ha, what else would be in rum baba!’

I’m endearing right?

Kill me.


Anyway, Philippe is not only patient, he’s made a new contribution to Hobart’s food scene with French-Asian fusion – a little bit how you say, le Français, and a little bit Shanghai and a little bit Vietnamese. Noice. Different. Unusual.

It’s a brunch place but he does weekend dinners too.

If eggs and hollandaise are your thing, you can go practically anywhere else in the city and eat them.

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This Girl thinks they’re overexposed. I took the Lovely Cathy for breakfast at A Tiny Place sometime ago. We ate the omelette and the fried brioche in green onion pancake. Both dishes were beautifully executed and it was clear we were eating breakfast cooked by a serious contender. But I’m a self-confessed extrovert and the food was subtle. Like what SITC’s Carrie Bradshaw said about intimacy with Jack Berger -it was less throw down and more slow down.


However the restaurant is beautiful, really gorgeous – with Asian designed napkins, chalk murals and antiques. I wanted to love it so.

So I booked the ever-compliant Boozy Friday Lunch Friend there for the obvi-oh. Bonus, they’re BYO with a $5 per person corkage.

What we ate:

Steam pork and water chestnut meatballs in a tomato and young coconut juice sauce, served with a house-made steamed coconut bun, $21 – shared, and Philippe plated a half serve for each of us.

Spanner crab and squid ink pasta, cooked in a roasted garlic and tomato sauce served with a squid ink linguine, $28

Confit of ocean trout, slow cooked ocean trout with carrots, chervil, tomato and a dry vermouth and balsamic reduction, $28

Rum baba with chantilly cream, $13.50.


Are we so over-exposed to explosive flavours that we can’t savour refined tastes? Like breakfast, lunch is beautifully executed and subtle. These dishes don’t pack a punch but they are enchanting – the light almost brioche-like coconut bread, the depth of the roasted garlic, a hint of chilli, and the combination of vermouth and balsamic with the smoothest carrot puree, possibly in the world. The rum baba was a large dessert serve and in retrospect, easily shared. I woofed it down anyway.

Stunning. Classic. Delicious.


Take your chances with breakfast but definitely try A Tiny Place for a lovely lunch.

They don’t have a social media presence but they have a presence on social media with a consumer page – A Tiny Little Place Café.

A little Place is located at 20 Francis Street, Battery Point.

They’re generally open Wednesday to Sunday, 7 am – 3 pm. Call them if you’re interested in dinner Friday and Saturday nights.

Telephone 03 6225 6771

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