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There’s one day a year dedicated to the childless and fabulous. It’s not an official day with cards and flowers. Being childless and fabulous doesn’t afford any tax concessions and the newspapers aren’t interested in how the Budget affects us. In this household at least, there’s a celebration of me and it’s not even my birthday.

This year it fell on a Friday. After shopping for my present – a new pair of walking boots, I’m a Tasmanian after all – we went in search of breakfast and a cocktail. Smolt Kitchen was the obvious choice.


The Two Girls visited Smolt Kitchen more than six months ago. Facing the maddening West Hobart weekend crowd, double income two kids, has kept me from returning. I’m not against it. I just prefer to leave them to their own devices. It’s ironic given the childless and fabulous theme that I’d choose a location that is as accommodating of families as is Smolt Kitchen.

Friday breakfast felt a little safer. Apart from tripping over bright red, size three, gum boots on the way in and again on the way to the toilet (how could they be spread out that far?), and the toddler in the highchair doing a dummy spit backbend my yoga teacher would rate, it was pretty chill.


I had the fried eggs, smoked ocean trout, rye blini, lemon, mint, cucumber, rocket and the Lovely Deputy had the special – grilled mushrooms in truffle butter, wilted cavolo nero and fried eggs. The trout and eggs was massive and absolutely delicious, particularly with a little scattering of a sweet, pickled cucumber, a great counter point for the other flavours. The Lovely Deputy woofed down his mushrooms so I’m guessing they were pretty good.

We were looked after by Abby who was truly awesome: genuine, delightful and more than non-judgmental about my request for breakfast sparkling. In fact, she was positively encouraging.


There’s a range of breakfast options and prices. Toast or crumpets start off the menu between $7-9. Simple eggs and toast is a modest $12. There’s also a counter-full of house-made pastries like a ham and cheese croissant or the Ricatelli – named after the chef. This pastry is filled with pear and crème patissiere and it was a treat at home later for morning tea.

Got a day off from work? Have breakfast at Smolt Kitchen and try it with a glass of the Torreblanca cava. Oh, the coffee’s good too.


Open 7 days. Breakfast is available until 11.30 am.

They’ve got a Facebook presence you can check out through this link – Smolt Kitchen.

Here’s our post from our first visit to Smolt Kitchen, day two – Smolt Kitchen.

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