Red Velvet Lounge

After delivering our lambs to Cradoc Abattoir, we decided to have lunch at the Red Velvet Lounge in Cygnet. The Hobart region’s newest vegetarian restaurant.

The irony didn’t go unnoticed as we sat calculating how much meat we’d get from the animals.

If you haven’t caught up with our #countrylife antics, the Lovely Deputy and This Girl are growing our own wherever we can. We’re also caring for the animals we’ll eventually eat.


We’re committed omnivores which means we also like not eating meat. Quite frankly after wrangling Sweet and Heart and sending them on their date with destiny, we just wanted a drink.

In a throwback to its original self, the new look Red Velvet Lounge or RVL as Southern Tassie foodies like to know it, has returned to its vegetarian roots. In the spirt of transformation, it’s got a liquor licence.


Decades ago the RVL was located in the old house to the right hand side of the current restaurant. It smelt of patchouli and the menu was 80s hippy. The RVL expanded and broadened its base and has enjoyed huge popularity with locals and Huon-trail visitors alike.

There are simply not enough vegetarian options in Hobart so the new look is welcomed. On our Sunday visit, it was bustling but not bursting at the seams like has been the custom for RVL. This Girl was left wondering if the locals were missing their meat. At a casual observation, the menu looks a little Moosewood cookbook and it’s modest, there’s four regular and on our visit, two specials to choose from for lunch.


Being the pesto addict that I am, I really wanted the kids’ meal but I restrained myself. The Lovely deputy went for the beetroot burger with pickled beetroot and quinoa pattie, vegan beetroot mayonnaise , Alex’s greens and a side of potato, $17. As indicated, the burger was pink and the serve size was good value. I love chips but I like non-standard menu items and the potatoes were a great addition.


This Girl chose the vegan and gluten free brown rice ball with house made almond satay and Alex’s greens, $12. Again, this was another really great portioned meal. Looks can be deceiving. My initial thoughts that I’d be left hungry were soon replaced with the determination to finish. The rice balls were delightful – a real crunch on the outside, warm throughout, tasty satay and tangy greens. A real winner.


We didn’t have room for cake but enjoyed our meals, a couple of drinks and the very pleasant, happy service.

There’s a positive vibe going on at RVL and with musicians setting up as we were leaving, a very promising space to dwell on a Sunday afternoon.

Here’s the last time we visited the Red Velvet Lounge.

Here’s our post on the An Ethical Butcher.

Find them on web – Red Velvet Lounge and Facebook of course.

They’re located at 24 Mary Street, Cygnet.






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