Eating out on Flinders Island

Whatever you do, make sure you get your groceries before the Whitemark IGA closes for the weekend, Saturday at noon. Although apparently there’s a shop at Lady Barron and it’s open until 3 pm. I can’t say I’ve seen it. If your accommodation doesn’t have facilities and doesn’t do meals or if you just want to eat out, here’s the a taste for the places we tried on our recent visit to Flinders Island.

The Interstate @Whitemark

The island’s demarcation is Whitemark or Lady Barron. You can eat at the hotel in both towns and rather than take sides, This Girl recommends you do both. The Interstate is located in Whitemark. It’s a run of the mill outback pub. Behind the front bar is the bistro with a fair swag of old school pub meals guaranteed to fill you up.

f46f45They’ll do takeaway or package up your left overs. I had dinner of chicken parmigiana, chips and salads and the next day we both ate the leftovers for lunch. The Lovely Deputy had the STEAK. I mean scotch fillet with bernaise sauce, chips and salad. Prices are a premium on the island so expect to pay mid $30s for your pub dinner. However, it was the place to be seen after a day at the Flinders Island show.

Flinders Island show food

Speaking of the show, the food on offer was not your standard dagwood dog and fairy floss. Yay Flinders Island Lions club for the most delicious handmade spring rolls and sausage rolls. Best pastry and fresh contents. Biscuit baker and cake maker, ‘Belinda from Flinders’ debuted at this year’s show with a very moist dark chocolate cupcake topped with a cream cheese icing among other treats.

f53 f52Furneaux Tavern @ Lady Barron

f24Lady Barron has views over to Cape Barren Island. We ate in the public bar at the Furneaux Tavern surrounded by sea dogs and pool sharks and shot the breeze with the abattoir owner about island meat production. You might have seen the tag Flinders Island lamb but beef from this locale is generally sold under the name of Cape Grim. I had the battered flake, chips and salad and the Lovely Deputy chose the scallops, chips and salads. Meals were mid-$20s and a good size. Both were perfectly acceptable pub meals. A Ok batter on the fish too, light enough, crisp etc.


f3 f2Flinders Island Bakery

The local cafe was closed but the bakery was doing a roaring trade as usual. If you’re there at lunch you should definitely try a pie and preferably the wallaby pie which they are famous for. Deft at reading a menu upside down and over the counter I found in addition to the egg and bacon roll in the bain marie they  do eggs, bacon and toast. It was like my mum’s cooking, wholesome and filling. From memory they only asked about $6 per plate. There are plenty of cakes and slices to try too and they make a good blueberry friand. We also guzzled one of those egg and bacon rolls on the way to the airport on our last day. Wrapped in paper not plastic, they were fresh and tasty.


A couple of the accommodation places will cook for their guests only and most accommodation is self-contained. Otherwise, the pubs and the bakery have got the monopoly.

If you’re interested in Flinders Island – here’s our post on Reasons to visit Flinders Island.

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