Dandy Lane

Once a nowhere land, Collins Court has been transformed into a groovy inner-city alley. There’s new seating and funky street art. Barely somewhere you’d notice, it’s now an invitation to explore and dwell.

On Dining out in Hobart‘s Stuart Beard’s tip for newest, best, secret location, The Two Girls ventured for Saturday’s brunch at Dandy Lane. We don’t think it will be a secret for long.

Well dressed or excellent, how ever you define ‘dandy’, Dandy Lane is likely to meet your expectations.


We wandered around in awe of the revitalised Collins Court – it just gets better and better – and then ventured into the minimalist cafe.

And by minimalist I mean, filament lights and un-pictured frames (as opposed to unframed pictures – it’s a thing apparently). It makes the space clean and light with all the attention on the food.

Dandy Lane has one coolio menu. You know the type where you feel pretty awesome that after 10 minutes of hunger pain you’ve narrowed it down to three things?


We chose:

  • Zucchini, mint and fetta fritters with spicy labne, pickled cucumber and poached eggs, $15 and
  • Cornbread with poached eggs, avocado salsa and chipotle mayo, $17.

Tip: labne/labna/labneh is yoghurt and salt, drained over a few days to create a soft cheese. It can be sweetened with honey and cinnamon and used for breakfast or dessert, or flavoured with savoury additions like chilli, garlic, rosemary etc.

I REALLY wanted – foot stomping wanted – to fit the passionfruit bread in too, but alas it wasn’t to be. So we took home a hazelnut brownie each for later.


The verdict…drum roll…unarguable an awesome breakfast.

Highlights included: crispy fried and decadent cornbread; chipotle mayo adding a damn decent heat to the dish; perfect eggies; the spice of the yoghurt cheese accompanied by the sweet tang of the pickle; good coffee; the sweetest, most personable, table attendant in town at the moment; and a brownie with a glossy cracking top – The Other Girl’s favourite.

Slightly dampened enthusiasm goes to marginally undercooked centre of the fritters; substantial meals precluding any option of even sharing the passionfruit bread; and the weird tickling feeling at the back of my throat I sometimes get when I eat deliciousness like my breakfast. It makes me talk like Daffy Duck.


In all seriousness, an excellent brunch or lunch option in Hobart’s CBD.

Find Dandy Lane in Collins Court laneway across from JbHiFi. That’s between Murray and Elizabeth Streets.

Find them on Facebook – Dandy Lane.






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