Miss Jane

There’s this scene in SITC. It never fails to crack me up. Samantha decides to treat herself to a little mani pedi botox but is easily convinced to up the ante and tries a chemical peel. It doesn’t bode well for Samantha whose red raw skin sends children clutching to their parents in fear. She’s not keen to face the world but goes to Carry’s inaugural book launch covered in a wide-brimmed hat and veil. Carry convinces Samantha to lose what she calls the beekeeping attire. When Samantha’s face is revealed, Carry desperately implores her about why she’d have a chemical peel before being the ‘plus one’ at this very important day in her life.

“I wanted to look fresh for your book launch,’ Samantha whines.

‘Fresh?’ exclaims Carry, ‘You look like beef carpaccio!’


Carpaccio is not something I’m attracted to on a menu. The Lovely Cathy chose Miss Jane. She’d been there in their first week or so and five weeks down the track she was happy to return. She’d eaten lunch at 3 pm so she chose a smaller meal. In this case, the carpaccio. She doesn’t think of herself as a foodie but she will select raw meat off the menu. That takes guts or a good palate. It just makes me think of sunburn.

Miss Jane stands in the place of Flathead which put more than a few good years into the South Hobart community. It’s a very comfortable and contemporary restaurant, hanging plants, charcoal walls, French windows. Smart, clean lines, a bit sexy. It’s also massively family-friendly. Like Flathead before it, Miss Jane reaches out to the double income with kids demographic of the suburb.


On a Thursday night, it was a content restaurant, bubbling and busy, but not full to the rafters. There was space enough to breathe and staff enough to ensure prompt and friendly service.

What we ate:

Prawn toast, herb nuoc cham $18.50

Beef carpaccio, kohlrabi remoulade, wasabi, $20

Pappardelle, sage, walnut, percorino, $24

Baby carrot, dukkah, feta, honey, $9.50

Chocolate torte, orange and butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream, $12

Miss Jane will no doubt be a pleasant and well-received addition to SoHo. There’s a menu of interesting choices and it’s a lovely restaurant. The meals were all perfectly respectable. The only dish that rocked my world was the chocolate torte. It was more like a brownie with its delicious gooey, cakey consistency which was enhanced by the orange tang and the perfect partnership of chocolate and butterscotch. There was crunchy puffed bits of rice or some such similar stuff and of course, the ice cream provided the contrast of temperatures and off-set some of the sweetness. A delightful dessert no doubt.


The carrots were also delicious, cooked so they were soft but they retained their body, the sweet of the honey matched to the salt of the feta.

The prawn toast was contemporary – the mixture was grilled atop fancy bread not supermarket slices like the worst of the family functions of your youth. The fennel accompaniment added a refreshing bite and it wasn’t greasy. Perfectly respectable but no kapow! Similarly, the pappardelle was fresh and light. It also had peas. It tasted mostly of its butter sauce.

The Lovely Cathy liked her carpaccio, and the wasabi provided a hit the other dishes were missing.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it at least a few times in other posts, I really like a suburban restaurant. It’s a sign of a thriving community and economy. I like that there are other options than the couple of restaurant strips Hobart’s food scene is dominated by.


Miss Jane didn’t stand out for me in a way that would compel me to return. It might be the sort of place I think to take Boozy Friday Lunch Friend one summer afternoon when their windows are open to the street and the social event is as important as the food itself. I do think Miss Jane is worth a try though, if for nothing else than dessert and the ambience.

If you try something that rocks your world at Miss Jane, would you let us know?

Find them on Facebook – Miss Jane

They’re located at 4 Cascade Road, South Hobart.

Make a reservation during opening hours on 03 6224 3194

Dinner, 3-9 pm, Tuesday – Saturday and lunch, 12 noon – 3 pm Friday and Saturday.

For their menu – Miss Jane

The last lunch with Boozy Friday Lunch Friend – A Tiny Place.

Another suburban restaurant – Smolt Kitchen.



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