Landscape Restaurant & Grill

Landscape Restaurant & Grill is elegance at its finest, delivering an intimate setting that is perfect for a romantic dinner or a refined get together.

Housed in the historic Henry Jones Art Hotel, Landscape encompasses you in luxury and indulgence.


Entering the restaurant is like discovering a hidden world; something special awaits behind the curtains.

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The dark and intimate setting focuses you on the heritage architecture, amazing display of John Glover prize winning paintings and the exquisite food.

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A feature of Landscape is the asado grill that uses a blend of Tasmanian hardwood and a selection of sherry, bourbon or port casks from the Tasmanian Cooper Company, each giving a unique flavour to the steaks cooked on it.

The Two Girls invited Boozy Friday Lunch Friend (on a Thursday no less) to join us.

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As always, The Other Girl perused the dessert menu before deciding on her plan of attack for the night. The Bombe Alaska was destined for our table, so we skipped entrée. Boozy couldn’t resist starting with half a dozen oysters however and selected the cucumber and gin sorbet with tarragon $26 which he shared with This Girl, The flavour of the cucumber and gin was delicious although the dish was missing that briny taste of the sea which oyster connoisseurs love.

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We then moved onto mains; Boozy ordered the eye fillet steak from the asado grill with grilled baby gem lettuce $48, the steak was perfectly cooked – warm all the way through and little blood; the crispy charred goodness of the lettuce was inspired.

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The Other Girl had their whole wood-fired flathead, café de Paris butter and lemon $35 (the Chef’s secret recipe which has allegedly around 40 ingredients and was a delicious addition to the super sweet flathead fish) and This Girl had their Wild Clover lamb rump, sweet potato, sheep’s milk and harissa $36, perfectly tender and beautifully balanced with sweetness and heat.

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We shared three sides, the triple-cooked duck fat chips $8 that were seriously perfect; fluffy on the inside and ridiculously crispy on the outside. Broccolini, almonds, ricotta and mint $9 (so we could feel virtuous and healthy that we were eating some greens and not just protein) and the organic fat carrots, malt, puffed buckwheat $6. The Two Girls enjoyed the carrots, thought they were just a little shy for our liking however; Boozy thought they were perfect. We let our server know all the same just in case the kitchen was interested in this tiny blip on our exquisite dining experience.

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The magnificent strawberry and almond bombe Alaska for two $20, was a thing of beauty, both visually and to the taste. Surrounded by fresh local strawberries, picked that day in Richmond, it had the perfect layer of thin and delicate sponge with a heart of strawberry and almond ice cream. The outside was toasted meringue so smooth and glossy and oozing with a beautiful strawberry coulis. Our plate looked like a piece of art after we finished with the meringue and sauce marbled together; tempting The Other Girl who announced, ‘If I wasn’t in a fancy restaurant, my finger would be in that!’ Her willpower may have got the better of her, fancy restaurant and all!


A little nonplussed at our bombe Alaska obsession, Boozy casually mentioned that his parents’ wedding cake was a bombe Alaska which raised their status as rock stars in our eyes.

Boozy had the cheese board which is an experience in itself. The day’s selection of cheeses are wheeled to your table on a magnificent trolley and plated at your table upon boards made from old wine barrels. We’re told the trolley is from the 1930s hotel, The Riviera, which sat on the site that is now Hobart’s Wrest Point Casino.

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We drank a bottle of the Freycinet Radenti sparking at around $100.

Dining at Landscape was a beautiful experience and their meals are not unaffordable, it has that special occasion restaurant feel but it is somewhere you could make a regular on your list.

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The service is top-end and the food is absolutely lovely. It’s also a wonderful treat to take a break from the table and view the Glover prize winners in the private dining room next door or explore their enticing wine cellar.


You can find out more at website or on Facebook 


The Henry Jones Art Hotel is also home to the magnificent Peacock and Jones, read about our experiences: Peacock and Jones and Peacock and Jones Take 2.

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