Berry Delicious Part I

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In Hobart, the Christmas table is red, crimson and blue – strawberries, raspberries, cherries and blueberries. In January, you might get your hands on boysenberries and loganberries, and later in summer, people pick blackberries by the sides of country roads.

bliss3#blissfarm was built for abundance. I breakfasted on strawberries during December.  Time poor, we vacuum sealed and froze a lot of fruit before we went to NZ for a week over the festive season; strawberries and just under-ripe cherries. We didn’t want to miss out!

Since coming home, we’ve spent a few industrious days with the cherries and raspberries. Here’s a couple of things This Girl made with the fruit.



Who doesn’t love a warm pudding-like cake topped with fruit and served with ice cream?

I make lamington tin sized cakes, slice and freeze them in Lovely Deputy and This Girl sized portions. I freeze everything – left overs and large meals portioned up. My chest freezers are my best friends, except when I’m looking for something deep down the bottom and the lid closes on my head, arm, elbow, hand etc. Then there’s lots of cursing.

Strawberry upside-down cake

One of my go-to Gourmet Traveller recipes is the whatever upside-down cake. I’ve made it previously with greengages, which was staggeringly good; pears, which was ordinary (bump up the brown sugar content if you use pears or apples); and strawberries, which was also delicious.


The original recipe calls for 800 grams of halved figs. Strawberries shrink while they’re cooking so I cut them in half and having learnt my lesson, this time I was liberal when I filled the bottom of the tin. The thing to avoid is not having so many you end up with a very wet cake. It’s a delicate balancing act.

I’ve never noticed the call for liqueur until I reread the recipe for this post. There’s no reference to the amaretto in the recipe but it’s the ‘spiked’ in the anglaise. I’m wishing I’d tried tossing the strawberries in a little bit of just about anything – Cointreau, strawberry liqueur, brandy, elderflower liqueur. The list goes on. Wouldn’t that work a treat? Next time.

Here’s the recipe – Whatever upside-down cake

Aaron Sice’s raspberry coconut cake

The Lovely Deputy has declared that without word of exaggeration, he could eat this cake every night of his life without ever getting tired of it. This Girl used to eat this cake at Kafe Kara when Aaron was the chef there, circa 2013. One day he was good enough to give me the recipe. It’s big on sugar and butter. This time, I reduced the quantities of the caster sugar and butter by 10-20 grams each and cooked it a little longer and a tad cooler than recommended – 5-10 degrees cooler, but I have a hot oven. It was my most successful trial. This cake is way too good warm with ice cream. You’ll find the recipe below.

bliss16Aaron has taken a break from cooking and is now working for Doppio Food and Coffee Supplies where he’s enjoying his weekends and public holidays. Find them on Facebook – Doppio Foods.

Kafe Kara Raspberry Coconut Slice

Watch out for Berry Delicious Part II next week.

What are your favourite berry abundance recipes?

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