The Joy of Leftovers

This Girl has been making the most of the holiday season leftovers.


Our Christmas ham was used to make Pea and Ham soup. Although we are not huge fans, my parents love it so it has become a New Year’s treat for them.  This year’s soup was declared to be better than my grandmother’s – mighty praise from my mother indeed!  Here’s the recipe I used – Pea and Ham Soup


I turned our leftover fruitcake into a fruitcake custard bake. This was created with a need to use up the fruitcake and the excess custard mix from making a bread and butter pudding.  I cut up the fruitcake into chunky slices and poured the custard mix over then baked until set. This turned out to be so delicious l’d actually make a fruitcake just to turn it into a custard bake!  Tip – don’t soak the fruitcake in the custard mix for long before you bake it, like you would a bread and butter pudding, the fruitcake soaks up the custard much quicker than bread.


Each year for Christmas Day I make Donna Hay’s poached turkey breast and in turn, when there are leftovers I make them into Paul Hollywood’s turkey, stuffing and cranberry Chelsea buns.  I omit the stuffing in this recipe.

How do you use up your leftovers?

Here’s our post on another use for leftover fruitcake – Waste Not, Want Not

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