Berry Delicious Part II

More tales from #blissfarm

In Berry Delicious Part I, This Girl shared some of the cakes I’ve made with #blissfarm berry abundance. Here are some more recipes I’ve tried.

Making good use of the Lovely Cathy’s dehydrator

In preparation for the Three Capes track I dried a couple of trays of raspberries and strawberries sliced in halves or thirds. The strawberries worked the best – I guess because there’s less water content and more body to the fruit. They’re not as fragile as the raspberries. I used them as a berry compote with porridge on the walk.



I got out my Fowlers jars and bottled some cherries. I did the first round in the oven using preserving tips I got from Hot Mamma. It’s been almost ten years since I’ve preserved and I found myself pulling out bottles of jars and trying to work out what parts I had and what I didn’t have.

bliss1bliss17The exercise ended in a complete audit of ALL my jam and preserving jars AND The Lovely Deputy purchasing a Fowlers The Simple, Natural Preserver.  Yes, that is its actual name. Everything is cleaned, boxed and catalogued now and we have a new appliance which is easy to use and frees up the oven.

I made a recipe I have for strawberry liqueur but used raspberries. I suspect it was originally a Women’s Weekly recipe from their masterly but now sadly, unavailable, book on preserving. It was delicious with both soda water and with Prosecco, although the latter is way-more potent. Here’s the recipe:

Strawberry Liqueur

img_16711 img_16751

I also made old fashioned raspberry vinegar using Stephanie Alexander’s recipe from The Cook’s Companion (Viking, 1996). Again, it’s quick to make but has a long preparation time. I’ve read you can pour raspberry vinegar directly over ice cream  and also use it in cocktails. Hmmm. Deglaze the pan after cooking lamb or in a salad dressing. That’s more like what I’m accustomed to. I’ll let you know what it tastes like.


I made two types – strawberry and rosewater, and fruits of #blissfarm with elderflower liqueur. I used the remaining fruit left after a day of preserving and jamming and eating – raspberries, cherries and loganberries.

bliss7 bliss6Unfortunately, I’d pipped and discarded the cherry seeds before I read the entire recipe which uses the seeds in the cooking for their pectin content. That had me plunging through the pantry looking for an old sachet of setting agent. That exercise resulted in a complete pantry clean out.


What are your favourite berry abundance recipes?

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