Sapa Rose

Lemongrass, mint and chilli characterise the flavours of Vietnam. There are plenty of vegetables; rice and noodles; seafood, meats and poultry. Quail and duck often feature.

The food is fresh, vibrant, healthy and delicious.

Vietnamese food is a growing trade in Hobart but Sapa Rose has been around the longest.

This Girl has been a few times in the past – the first time was in their early days for a cheap fast lunch of my favourite Vietnamese dish. Chicken and lemongrass is the simplest of dishes and completely delicious.


The last time was for a birthday event where we had a banquet. The food was completely reasonable even if things got a little chaotic, which is often the case with big groups. I remember two important things from this visit: the kids’ banquet came with a savoury pancake, of which I was massively envious; and I wished I’d arrived earlier and hadn’t been stuck at the end of the long table, floundering to sustain conversation.

It was the Lovely Cathy’s birthday and Sapa Rose felt like the right restaurant on a balmy summer evening.


It’s a pretty tight layout and it hasn’t changed much in the years it’s been open. Seating is in three precincts, either side of the bar in the main entrance or upstairs. It’s not huge and they’ve use as much of the space as possible.

The menu is extensive and there are a couple of daily specials. It includes starters, mid-courses, noodles, soups, fried rice and mains of beef, lamb, pork, chicken, duck, vegetarian, seafood, fish, prawns, squid. Banquets can be ordered with a minimum of two people.

The Lovely Cathy hadn’t eaten much lunch and I’d eaten a ridiculous amount of food, so we compromised with a light meal.


What we ate:

Rice Paper Rolls (2 Rolls)(V GF Optional) – Traditional Vietnamese rice paper rolls, rolled with prawns, pork, strings of vermicelli, lettuce and garlic chives served with a light bean sauce garnished with crushed peanuts, $8.80.

Roast Quail – A Vietnamese delicacy of roasted quail (whole) served with salt, pepper, a touch of lemon, and a hint of garlic and chilli, $10.80.

Chicken Wings (2 Pieces) – De-boned chicken wings stuffed with a delicious combination of vermicelli, chicken, and vegetables served with a sweet chilli sauce, $10.80.

Saigon Pancake (GF) – A traditional dish of the southern region – a crispy pancake embedded in garlic prawns, pork, onion and bean shoots, $17.


The pancake is cut into sections and folded into lettuce leaves with mint and dipped in its accompanying sauce.

Beautiful hotpots of eggplant and sizzling plates of Peking duck and tofu and the steamboat for a minimum of two people at $32 each, with its combination seafood, beef vegetables, noodles and hot and sour broth, all passed us on the way to other hungry tables.

My previous observation of hit and miss service was not the case on this evening. We were adequately cared for. The meal was delicious and the prices are affordable. Sapa Rose is a good option.

Sapa Rose is opened 7 days, Sunday 5pm– 10pm and Monday to Saturday 11am-10pm.

Find them at 77-81 Harrington Street, Hobart.

Telephone to make a reservation on 6234 3806.

Find them on the internet including their menu – Sapa Rose or Facebook – Sapa Rose

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