Room for a Pony Revisited

With so many great café options, how do you choose the best place for breakfast?

This Girl had a day date with Skater Boy and ‘I’m the arty one’; the Lovely Deputy’s youngins who are rapidly outgrowing their pseudonyms.

I had my heart set on one of the newest, hippest places in town. I did the research but the online menu didn’t resonate. I wanted something I’d like and that would speak to teenagers with markedly different palates.

Even food bloggers run out of ideas. I scrolled through Facebook’s Eating out in Tassie (EOIT), I texted The Other Girl. On the day, we walked down Elizabeth Street and I pointed them towards a menu posted on the door to a much loved café, to no avail. It was a Monday, plenty of doors were closed.

Room for a Pony (RFAP) is tried and tested. Now we live on #blissfarm I don’t get there as much but when I do it is consistently good. They’ve got a menu that includes favourites and others that change. I know I can rely on the Chinese omelette that I love love love or I can step out of my comfort zone and try something new.

On a beautiful, warm Hobart day we sat outside and watched Hobart’s hippest pour in.

The youngins chose a small chocolate and strawberry shake. Being a Monday and all and not working, I was filled with the holiday spirit and chose a margarita.

IMG_1962[1]What we ate:

  • Banana and Nutella brioche French toast with vanilla ice cream, $15
  • Vietnamese chicken noodle salad (GF), $16 and
  • Brown rice sushi bowl with salmon gravlax, miso sesame broccoli, avocado and omelette threads (GF), $18.50.

Have I told you before just how much I hate bananas? The French toast was the best option for ‘I’m the arty one’ who’s partial to a sweet breakfast. The size of the dish got the better of her so I did try the delicious French toast and Skater boy polished everything else off. It is super-sweet and might best be shared.

Skater boy paused on a couple of occasions mid-meal to exclaim how awesome the noodle salad was but recommended a little more bite.


The sushi bowl was a really enjoyable experience. It had all the clean, fresh, healthy feel of eating sushi but in a hearty dish that felt like a meal not a snack. I posted a pic on EOIT to a few disparaging remarks.

If you want a sushi roll you can buy one for $5 at ten places in the CBD. This is a bowl in the spirit of sushi, call it deconstructed if you like but RFAP aren’t that pretentious. Sure there’s a couple of pieces of nori for decoration, free-form a couple of pieces of sushi if that rocks your boat, but it’s not really the point. The traditional elements of sushi are so strong that they stand on their own on the plate. This meal did. I’ve already tried it at home. Delicious but not quite as pretty. Damn.

The service is just as good as it’s always been, young, relaxed, professional.

RFAP is one of Hobart’s best. Check them out if you haven’t.

Find them at 338 Elizabeth St, North Hobart

Telephone (03) 6231 0508

They’re open 7.00am – 11.00pm breakfast, lunch and bar including snacks.

The Two Girls have loved Room for a Pony from the start, find our first post here – Room for a Pony

A bit more about their bar – Room for a Pony bar

Find them on the interwebs – Room for a Pony

Friend them on Facebook – Room for a Pony


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