What’s not to love about locally sourced food prepared in a European-style, a casual but stylish space and great service?

Nothing right? So get ye to Ettie’s bar and bottle shop on Elizabeth Street.


North Hobart’s Willing Brothers proprietors Carl Windsor and James Kingston have neatly transitioned from chic bar to modern bistro with Ettie’s.

It is a fitting replacement for the much respected Ethos.


Ettie’s will be successful because the European influenced menu speaks to a wide range of palates and the prices are not outside the comfort zone. It is a place you could easily lunch or dine. And in true European form, it’s very smart without being fussy. The atrium fills the dining room with glorious light that extends into restaurant at the rear. For more mooted environs, the bar at the front or the soon to open downstairs bar, are good options.


Ettie’s is an excellent asset in Hobart’s city centre – it’s simply a super-nice place to have a lovely meal.

Ettie’s has been on the radar since it opened in November but the Two Girls have been slow off the mark. Boozy Friday Lunch Friend chose the venue and This Girl was happy to oblige.


What we ate:

  • Chicken liver parfait, pickles and crouton, $14
  • Crudo, $18
  • Pan fried squid, pickled fennel, burn lemon, $15
  • Mussels, chickpeas and chorizo, $18
  • Frites, $8


The crudo of the day was kingfish, a beautiful fish that appreciates being served as it comes (apart from the insides, and the outsides, of course).

Big tick to the chips. Readers, you know This Girl likes a good chip with a meal out. Crispy crisp chips and lots of those little crunchy bits in the bottom of the bowl. Good stuff.

I’d give the parfait a 3 ½ out of 5. Good, good, not great. A big buttery texture, pretty, yes, but no je ne sais quoi.

“A generous serving of mussels, some welcome zing from the spicy chorizo and the chickpeas providing a pleasant textual element. A well balanced and tasty dish,” said Boozy.


The pan-fried squid was a great dish, lightly fried and a fantastic smoky flavour.

Sacré bleu there’s only one dessert on the lunch menu. Our table attendant was very understanding and offered to produce the two additional dishes off the dinner menu.

That’s crème caramel, mille-feuille or lemon tart. We decided to take our calories in the form of a cocktail. A good cocktail list can make up for a paucity in desserts. We also drank the Meadowbank Chardonnay.


Ettie’s is a definite lunch destination. We’ll be returning.

They’re located at 100 Elizabeth Street, Hobart.

Find them on the internet – Ettie’s bar and bottle shop or Facebook –  Ettie’s

When we visited Willing Bros.

Another European bistro in the CBD – Fico.

The last time we took Boozy with us – Landscape Restaurant and Grill

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