Ranelagh General Store

The deep roots of Tasmania’s food scene have extended out past the urban centres and into our rural towns.

The Huon Valley has added food destination to its list of attractions with its growing number of new and noteworthy. Places that would blow you away if you just happened upon them and ones you would be willing to travel to again and again. Lucky locals.

The Ranelagh General Store is among the best of them.


The Two Girls were first charmed by Peisha McHeyzer and Tim Ditcham with an abundance of cakes. High tea to be precise, at their former Margate establishment, Jam and Bread.

There they had created a charming country café filled with bits and bobs from times of old and serving delicious morsels. The beautiful cake display and teacups have been replaced with a style more suited to their approach at The Ranelagh General Store. It’s retro, but a bit more country.

Burgers were there amongst a diverse menu at Jam and Bread, but they weren’t the main attraction. Unlike the Ranelagh General Store which is big on the burger, and they’re beautiful. Gourmet without pretention.


Peisha and Tim have a menu of the most fulsome, flavoursome burgers. At around $15-16 they are also good value burgers.

The plump patties are piled high with fresh salad and dressing and bold flavours from Italy, Japan and Indonesia like pesto, pickled ginger, furikake and satay. You won’t leave hungry but there’s a good chance you’ll leave making plans to return.

Tip: furikake is a Japanese seasoning of ground fish, sesame seed and seaweed.

The modest scattering of customers there on our arrival were soon replaced with a King tide.


What we ate:

  • Stanley, $16, wallaby patty, popcorn furikake, slaw, pickled ginger and wasabi mayonnaise
  • El Gringo, $15, chicken patty, grilled corn, jalapeno, avocado salsa and iceberg lettuce
  • Fries with chilli sauce, $6, chilli, ginger, garlic in a palm sugar dressing

We also enjoyed a chocolate and Cointreau brownie served with ice cream, raspberry coulis and a drizzle of honey, complements of the house when our burgers were temporarily waylaid.

They’ve got a great combination of tastes, textures and colours going on.


The crunch of the smoky corn and iceberg (yes this self-professed lettuce snob admits it was a good choice), creamy avocado and bit of the jalapenos diced so you don’t notice them until the indigestion hits were a fantastic combination.

The Other Girl was surprised and impressed by the matching of the Japanese flavours and the wallaby with an inspired burst of popcorn every now and again.  Although not a massive fan of pickled ginger, it was a great match to the salt and sour of the furikake.

In a world where the brioche has taken control Ranelagh General Store is keeping it simple with a white burger roll which keeps its form but is still light.


These burgers are giants and we took them on with knives and forks only to receive a good humoured ribbing from the table attendant who advocated for pulling your hair back and diving in head first.

Chips were crispy and dressed without drowning and the sweet and spicy combination was the bomb.

The cakes, biscuits and muffins available are a shout out to the Jam and Bread days. We saw Persian love cake, treacle tart and lemon tart.

The supplies at this shop are a small selection of gourmand produce like specialty tea and chocolate and the basics, milk, butter and bacon.


Breakfast menu until 11 am.

Burgers, cakes and ice cream from lunch onwards.

Fish Friday and Sunday Roasts from 5 pm.

They’re on Facebook – Ranelagh General Store

You’ll find them at 31 Marguerite Street, Ranelagh.

They’re open Monday to Friday between 8 am and 5 pm and weekends, 8 am to 8 pm.

Other places to try in the area? What about Willie Smiths Cider or My Slice of Pie.


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