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Survival instinct. The Westend Pumphouse has it in spades. In its half a dozen or so years it’s had as many make overs.

It doesn’t enjoy the most salubrious of floor plans but you gotta work with what the Lord’s given you girlfriend. And so they do.

Their current menu is Asian-inspired and it comes off the bat of a short but much admired stint doing Sunday yum cha.

We loved their yum cha. A lot. But apparently not enough other people did so they stopped. Two Girls calling Pumphouse, please bring back Yum Cha.


In the absence of an inspired Sunday trolley service, the regular menu has embraced the Asian-Australian fusion and it is delish.

Boozy Friday Lunch Friend was looking for inspiration and I was hankering for some of head chef, Andy Third’s cooking.

Andy is originally from New Zealand and has been in Australia for 9 years, spending time in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Adelaide. He’s been in Hobart for over two years.


Okay, I’m just going to say this. Why aren’t people flocking to the Pumphouse? The service is always really polite and professional. The current menu is affordable and super-tasty with delicious Asian-inspiration, fresh produce and good technique.

What we ate:

  • fried chicken sandwich $16, iceberg, kimchi, kimchi yoghurt, fries
  • fish $20, crispy batter, fries, yuzu mayo, asian slaw
  • rocky road, $12
  • orange and almond cake and a crème éclair, two of the cakes from display cabinet which are around $4-5 each.


The fish was black trevally which I think means it came a long way for lunch. Notwithstanding, it was a juicy, thick white fish with a seasoned, light batter.

The chicken sandwich was a crunchy fried chicken thigh served on a roll.

The rocky road was deconstructed with their signature mousse and brownie, cocoa nibs, sour cherries, freeze-dried raspberry, peanuts and toasted marshmallows. I found a little hit of charcoal I’m not sure about but overall a fun play on rocky road and real dessert treat.


Their little cakes are a great option if you only want a taster or take two if you can’t choose.

There’s plenty of options on this menu and it really is yummy.

The lunch menu is $16 for your regular lunch sized plate and the most expensive meal is 200 grams of wagyu rump for $29.

Desserts are $12.

Breakfast is averages around $14 and there’s a couple of Euro-items but mostly it’s sticking with the Asian theme.

Dinner is small plates to share or larger plates.


They have a cocktail menu. Hooray! And loads of wines and beer on tap.

We reckon the Westend Pumphouse is a keeper. Go fill up some of that space!

Find the Westend Pumphouse at 105 Murray Street Hobart.

Call them on 03 6234 7339.

They’re open Tuesday to Saturday 8 am until late.

Here’s there webpage – Westend Pumphouse Eatery and Bar.

One thought on “Westend Pumphouse

  1. I am fortunate to work near the pump house – it is my regular! Coffee is always great, service friendly & professional. Have been a little frustrated by the constant changes but the food has always been quality & the latest menu is fabulous.

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