Veg Bar

Imagine a bright welcoming space that serves modern, tasty and satisfying meals from plants!

This is the Veg Bar.

The team that have so far given us Burger Haus, Capital and Pancho Villa have swooped in with another exciting dining option in North Hobart.

Veg Bar isn’t a trendy health food café that can intimidate mere mortals from daring to enter. Jazmin, one of the owners tells us “it was really important to us that Veg Bar didn’t inhabit the restriction associated with ‘health food’, that it could be a place accessible to everyone. The concept we have gone with is tasty, plant based meals”.  Their menu says, ‘when you see words like ‘bacon’ and ‘cheese’, no it’s not the real deal, it’s better!’ and they are proving it is true.

This Girl convinced meat munching metal head Devotee to give this all veg place a try.  The thoughts going through my head initially on reading the menu was ‘oh no, we are going to have to stop for a bacon and egg roll somewhere on the way home’ – I could see words like brown rice, cauliflower, avocado, tomato and black beans; just a few of his least favourite things!

Thankfully there was also tofu and mushrooms, which he does like so he chose the brekkie bowl $17; tempura fried tofu, chilli beans, avocado, blistered tomatoes and roasted mushrooms.

The brekkie bowl presents beautifully, although I was still concerned about the tomatoes and beans.  To his credit, Devotee gave everything a go and has a new-found appreciation for plants!  The tofu and mushrooms were standouts for him and surprisingly he really enjoyed the chilli beans and the tomatoes reminded him of a Filo dish his mum makes. He cleaned up as much as he could fit in – the serving size is generous!

This Girl had the kimchi fried rice $24; kimchi, veg egg, crispy tofu, spring onion, burnt pickled onion, nori slivers and sesame.   I was in heaven, the spiciness of the kimchi was just perfect, enough heat without burning the tastebuds off your tongue.  The tofu and the veg egg were perfect accompaniments; the tofu super crispy on the outside and a beautiful firm yet smooth texture inside. The veg egg, my words cannot do justice to the look and taste of it, I felt like I was having a Heston experience!  They use coconut cream and burn it off to impressively mimic the egg white and the yolk is a sweet potato puree set in a special product which creates a film around the outer layer; giving you the magic of the yolk oozing out when you cut into it.

Veg Bar is licenced and has an intriguing list of cocktails and their sangria and mojito’s come in jugs!

As it was 11am, we opted for hot drinks to go with our brunch.  Devotee had a flat white which he enjoyed and I chose a golden latte; turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and coconut, something I’ve been wanting to try for some time.  The smell when it arrived was amazing; the taste a little subtler than I imagined, it was pleasant but I think I’ll give their chili cacao latte a go next time, or perhaps the cocktails!

The quality of service at Veg Bar is outstanding; the staff were welcoming and had a really good knowledge of the menu. We could tell they were genuinely interested in our thoughts when they asked how our meals were when we were leaving, and were as impressed with the tofu and veg egg as we were!

Jazmin said they are having a ball coming up with new dishes and keeping things fun; we can’t wait to go back to experience more of their magic.

Oh and no, there was no need for an emergency egg and bacon roll fix on the way home, in fact Devotee is keen to go back and give their mushroom bacon a go!


Veg Bar is at 346 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart.  Check them out on Facebook.

They are open 7 days from 11am to 9pm, walk in’s only and they also do takeaway!

Here are our blogs on their other family of restaurants Pancho Villa NoHoCapital! and Burger Haus, North Hobart – we’re loving what these guys are doing.




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  1. I love Veg Bar, it’s my favourite place in Hobart, best place to eat, friendly service, great location. Keep up the good work! Beyond the tasty food this is super ethical eating, better for the planet and better for you!

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