Game Night

Some of my best memories of my childhood involve game nights with family and friends. The Saturday night card nights where I learnt the art of Euchre, being annihilated by my brother in Monopoly and pick-up-sticks could keep us amused for hours!

Strategy games are my absolute favourite and my love for them has never faded, so when The Other Girl and Lovely Deputy sent an invite for game night at #BlissFarm, I was in!


So game night at #BlissFarm isn’t your regular game night when it comes to your experience and what you’ll be eating. The Other Girl takes entertaining to a whole new level, you’re not just going to have a bag of chips and a beer; we’re talking gourmet game nights!

Pre-games at #BlissFarm was a catch up over a bottle of Moet, deli chips and the highlight for This Girl and young Master S, bottle feeding the kid goats! I’m actually not sure who was more energised, us or the goats – but it was a magical experience. I can certainly see why farm life makes The Other Girl and Lovely Deputy blissfully happy.


Then it was back around the kitchen bench while the Other Girl whipped up one of her amazing ham and cheese toasties for Master S, who then retired to the lounge room to watch a movie, while the grown-ups got into our first game, Cards Against Humanity – just part of the offerings supplied by Boozy Friday Lunch Friend that night.


As the game was being set up, we all tucked into the beautiful cheese platter The Other Girl had waiting for us on the game table; Ethiopian eggplant dip, spiced pears, picked walnuts and assorted cheeses.

Cards Against Humanity has the tag line, a party game for horrible people. The aim is to try to come up with the best answer to a question using only the 10 cards in your hand. With options like ‘licking things to claim them as your own’, BATMAN!!’, ‘Horrifying laser hair removal accidents’ and ‘Not wearing any pants’, to name just a few of the tame ones; the laughs and awkward moments are plentiful!
One of our guest bloggers, John S, raced ahead winning the first three hands and from there it was pretty much game over; none of us became any type of threat to the quick witted player, claiming ultimate champion at the end of our rounds.


Main course was next, lamb spice with honey, garlic and ginger served on a bed of couscous with a yogurt sauce and coriander to add as you pleased. The lamb was so tender and perfectly spiced this was a hearty satisfying dinner on a cool Tassie night.


Then it was back into the games and onto what became my favourite game of the night Codenames.
Initially I was daunted, find links to the words in the grid and try to get your team mates to guess what cards you mean, without saying the words on the cards, however after a friendly run through my confidence built! As a competitive type, I was in my element when our team (Boozy and Mrs S) were out in front as the champs after the first few rounds.


The Other Girl then pulled two wonderful moves, serving a decadent dessert of raspberry white chocolate trifle with gin soaked raspberries and then upping her chances to win by switching the teams up – girls v boys!!


The night ended with a couple rounds of whisky for the men, The Other Girl stayed on bubbles and Mrs S and This Girl went for a warming cup of tea.


The girls came out victors and are the team to beat when it comes to Codenames!


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